09-21.05.-Tu-Pavia – Casale Monferrato

The day started with a blue sky, three Cappuccini and 3 Brioches.

Yesterday I wrote about obstacles and how I dealt with them.

Yesterday the rainy weather was the challenge. Today three flat tires, about 50 % dirt roads and constant headwinds.

I followed the bike path EV 8 but as I even saw last year that doesn’t mean to have an asphalted path.

But after an hour I knew in the moment that there was a flat tire at the rear wheel. Fortunately it was a nice place with the opportunity to have water in the irrigation channel to find the hole. After about 50 minutes it was well done and I continued the track.

But after a short while I was sure to have the next flat tire.

This time I decided to take a new tube because the former one already has got 5 patches.

And after another half an hour the new tube was definitely broken.

It dawned on me that there has to be a sharp piece hidden in the outer tyre.

So I dismantled the outer tyre too and surveyed it very intensive despite I checked that before too.

I found a small and sharp point in the inside of the outer tyre. Outside I saw a little hole and started to pull with the pocket knife and got a splinter of glass.

Today morning I saw this red parts again like in 2018 on my lower legs. Now it’s clear that they are caused neither by sunlight nor by suncream. So it has to be salt from sweating. But it does not hurt nor burn or itch.
Dirt road.
The first flat tire.
The tube with its five patches.
At this time I was wondering about this „lakes“ again and enjoyed the red poppies 🙂
The stork enjoyed the lakes.
This painting I have seen on a facade made clear why there are so many lakes 😉
Another huge rice field.
The third flat tire.
The splinter of glass not larger than 2 millimeters.
River Po again and marvelous poppies 🙂
In the background Casale Monferrato with a warm red poppies sea welcome 🙂
A bell tower as the first eye catcher for me at Casale Monferrato.
Today’s tour over 80 km and nine and a half hours from Pavia to Casale Monferrato.


The apartment at Cremona I had booked for three nights. As early as on Saturday the weather app predicted rain on Monday too. This was a change in prediction.

Only for a few minutes I thought to postpone my departure to Tuesday.

Very soon I decided to cycle in the rain. My idea was to see how I can handle the rain. Also I wouldn’t be a wimp. And I wanted to get free and unimpressed by such obstacles.

I was well prepared to stay the rain. That doesn’t mean to stay dry because there are two types of getting wet. From outside and from sweating. My new rainwear, the fantastic pair of trousers and the gaiters kept me absolutely dry. But after half an hour I felt wet inside.

It was a bit a challenge to accept this wet and hot feeling. After an hour I was familiar with and I drove through the rain and was in a happy mood 🙂

It’s up to me to say to myself how poor I am. Or „singing in the rain“ 🙂

So I was glad for my decision.

There was only a moderate rainfall but the whole day long.

I mostly used roads because the bike path sometimes is a dirt road and after 3 days of rain these roads were muddy.

Only two times I went such muddy dirt tracks. This was really difficult and exhausting.

Rowing is ideal here on this plane river. The long one could be an eight-woman boat.
Rowing area.
Canale Milano-Cremona
River Adda coming from lake Como.
Despite the rain my beloved poppies 🙂
The bicycle becomes dirty.
The entrance to the cemetery gave me shelter for a little break.
Not the way of Saint James but holy anyway…
On this part of the Francisco’s way I met an elderly couple from Belgium. He was the gentleman and helped his spouse to pull the bike through the mud. They started at Aosta and want to go to Rome. I believe both of them are about 75 years in age. Of course they used e-bikes but anyway I admire them for their courage and their power.
Also on the ground the Francigena symbol.
No lake. No reservoir. But fields flooded by 3 days of rain or rice fields?
Ponte Coperto. The original Gothic bridge was built from 1351 to 1354 but destroyed during WW2. An reconstructed in the 50s. The bridged river isn’t Po put Ticino (Tessin) from Lago Maggiore.
Look! Golden hour! The sun is back again.
A walk along the riverside of Ticino.
Ponte Coperto against sun.
Piazza della Vittoria. Pretty nice houses.
And the other side.
Duomo Pavia. Finalized in 1898 after a building time of 390 years. It is 97 meters high. The weight of the cupola is 20.000.000 kilograms! The cupola is the third largest in Italy.
Walking along the church while eating some icecream I heard music and walked to the entrance and was absolutely surprised that the concert was for free. What a wonderful coincidence and great conclusion of this day.
Anton Bruckner conducted by Zubin Metha.
Standing ovations in this imposing dome.
View up to the illuminated top of the dome.
From Cremona to Pavia I drove eight and a half hours and made 89 km.


Another rainy day.

I was really surprised that the bakery was closed. Also I couldn’t find any other. So I went to a nice bar with delicious Brioches.

Next I went to the civic museum „Ala Ponzone“ to see especially the famous picture of Caravaggio.

On my way back to the apartment I attended the Cremona cathedral Maria Assunta.

Now I will rest to get ready for tomorrow and the next kilometers.

Although the weather predictions show rain I will start because it becomes boring.

Here it is. Caravaggio’s paintings are outstanding because they are so real. He used a special technique with polarizing lights that made his paintings most similar-looking. The other painters as his time admired and envied him.
This painting shows life around Cremona in the 19th century.
A painting with two views. An unrefined man’s face with a hat looks out of the mirror. A bowl with different legumes you see in the original painting.
Information about the museum.
Il Tarrazzo.
The cathedral’s altar.
View back to the entrance side.
One of the apes aisle.
One of the side altars.
And here the Grande Croce, the large cross built from 1470 to 1478 by two goldsmiths from Cremona. It is 3 meters high is assembled of 1.000 components and 160 statues. You can look onto the masterpiece for a very long time because there are so many details to explore. But that would become expensive because you have to insert one Euro for a span of 3 minutes. But it’s absolutely worth it.
One detail of the Grande Croce.
The cathedral’s backside. It was built in the 12th century within 60 years. Like most Italian churches also this one is dedicated to the Blessed Mother.

06-18.05.-Sa-Cremona sightseeing

Living in a nice and absolutely silent flat in the second floor downtown Cremona I slept very well.

The bakery ten meter beside my door. I bought some pieces of these wonderfully tasty panini and one brioche with chocolate.

I prepared coffee at the apartment and enjoyed a delicious breakfast with cheese and bread and brioche.

Then I attended the violin museum showing the violin making at Cremona starting with Andrea Amati in the sixteenth century followed by Andrea Guarneri and Antonio Stradivari in the early eighteenth century.

At twelve am I was able to listen to a little concert on a 1669 violin made by Stradivari. It took place in the concert hall within the museum and was wonderful.

Next I climbed about 500 steps (110 meters) at the tower (called: Tarrazzo) next to the Cremona cathedral and enjoyed the overview although it was overcast and rainy.

Between this activities and until late evening I followed the reporting to Ibiza gate in Austria 😉

Made by Amati.
Bridges, necks, pins, strings and so on and tools.
The progressive spread of violin making since 1500 s.
Amati, Guarneri, Stradivari the most well known luthier / violin maker.
The concert hall at the museum.
Outside vintage cars drove through Cremona – 1000 miglia was this day’s guest.
Another classic car – really loud and exhaling lots of exhaust gases.
This patisserie was built in 1865 with its interior preserved. Looks pretty nice but isn’t comfortably because there are no tables to enjoy cake and coffee but you have to stay at the bar.
The store vis a vis offers famous Torrone.
The same shop window.
An astronomical clock in the Tarrazzo.
The clockwork.
A first overview.
On top 110 meters above ground.


At the beginning of my trip today I checked the beeline from Mantua to Cremona on my LocusMap. 45 km. I added 30 % and thought I can do that easily.

I became courageous and thought to make a detour to Brescello on the south side of the Po to see the little village where Don Camillo and Peppone were produced in the fifties and sixties. A detour of approximately 10 km.

At the end I did 100 km without Don Camillo and I took a shortcut of about 10 km too.

Today I was on the bike eight and a half hours.

The ciclying was easy. No climbs but in the second half of the way I was the lucky guy again because of tailwinds. My high speed was 31 km/h LocusMap showed.

The landscape is plane as far the eye can see.

Always an eycatcher were the grain fields with the numerous red poppies 🙂

As the breakfast this morning wasn’t that sumptuous I felt hungry the whole day.

The temperature was fine so I could removing the primaloft jacket.

Writing this lines with an open window in my flat I hear the rain drum onto the roofs.

First on Monday the sun shall shine again. So I will stay at Cremona until then. That is a good timing because my upper legs muscles are very poor and need a reasonable pause.

The grain field in front of the B&B this morning.
EuroVelo 8 starts at Cadiz goes to Athens and Cyprus.
First view to river Po.
Look at the tail of the chicken. Italiens seem to be EU fans (like me).
Nice bridge but not over the Po but over Oglio that comes from Lago di Iseo. There are four rivers what are outlets of a lake. Mincio from lake Garda. Oglio as mentioned before. Adda from lake Como and Ticino (Tessin) from Lago Maggiore.
A dirt track bike path with the wonderful red of the blooming poppies.
Greenhouses with red poppies.
The church of Sabbioneta.
Waiting on the train.
The town hall of Casalmaggiore.
Poppies 🙂
Also between young trees.
Last not least river Po 🙂
From Mantua to Cremona.


Today I started at 12 am and drove about 5 hours and made 57 km.

It was an overcast day. Once I put on my whole rain clothes but put them of a few kilometers later because it didn’t start to rain and I felt hot and wet inside 😉 Finally there was no rain only some rain drops.

In difference to yesterday I faced headwinds all the time so I was very slowly also because my muscles were tired 😉

At Avio booking showed a nice little B&B with a Pizzeria close to it.

Funivia Trento Sardagna
Nice red poppies
Highway, bike path and heavy clouds
Castel Beseno next to Besenello.
The water from power house (from the right) gives the Adige a huge appearance.
Castello di Avio
The Pizzeria at Avio with its nice beer decoration.
Avio’s bell tower.
Avio’s town hall.
From Trento to Avio.


After a hearty and delicious breakfast at B&B „Altes Schlachthaus“ I started at about 10 am.

The sky was blue with bright sunshine 🙂

But yet it was cold but much warmer than yesterday. The ciclying was easy. But about 10 km before Bozen strong headwinds made me work hard.

After about three hours I arrived at Bolzano and went directly to Walther place to get a Veneziano and an espresso 😉 also I enjoyed the bright sunshine without wind.

Alright strengthened I climbed the bike again. After about 10 km I perceived the tailwind that made ciclying easy. Really heavy winds helped me to fly towards Trento 🙂

I made 104 km within 8 hours.

Vera’s boyfriend Andrea lifes at Trento and hosts me for this night 🙂 we spent a nice evening together with a delicious pizza 🙂

View from my B&B to the bell tower of Brixen.
Monastery Klausen.
Well prepared bike path along Eisack/Isarco.
Ciclying along river etsch/Adige.
Castello di Salorno/Haderburg that I attended last year.
A view back to Salurner Klause
From Brixen to Trento.


Although the weather was rainy windy and terribly cold I started at about half past eleven am.

At about three o’clock pm I arrived at Brenner pass and went for the first Italian espresso this tour 🙂

I dressed as warm as possible using the new kind of gaiters, rain trousers and the primaloft jacket with hood and the goretex cap over the hood and under the helmet. So I was well prepared for the downhill. Locus map measured 67 kmh highest speed. I’m not sure whether this was correct.

I took the road because the bike path is about twice as long with some ups and downs. There was less traffic so I was at sterzing within 15 minutes 😉

And decided to go to Brixen. Some heavy gusts made me be very careful. Again I took the road to franzensfeste then switched over to the bike path and arrived at bressanone at about six pm.

After a hot and long shower I felt ready for dinner 🙂

Starting at home.
Heavy clouds. Fresh snow and the European Bridge.
Kind of lunch next to pfons made me freeze.
Final climb 🙂
Done 🙂
Who is that? Well prepared for downhill 😉
Second brake at sterzing.
Huge construction area at mauls for 56 km Brenner basic tunnel.
The special architecture at my B&B at Brixen. Even a hook for my bicycle 😉
Really pretty nice 🙂
Original wash basin
Hot pumpkin soup warming very well 🙂
Also the delicious hummus 🙂