81-17.08.-Fr-back home

Inntal bike path

From ötzerau I hade a nice downhill to Ötz. 

At the first pharmacy I bought magnesium and filled it immediately into the water bottle. 

I drove to Haiming on the road and went there to the pretty nice bike path to Innsbruck. 

The bike got a „shower“ at the station and after a 300 meters climb I arrived at home after 69 km. 


81 days. 

3.365 km. 

93.359 kcal. 

Lots of impressions and the desire to do another great tour 🙂 



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Dusty allergy

As I mentioned the B&B was a quite old house. Maybe built in the 1950s and refurbished in the 1970s.

For example the feather bed was about 50 years old and this bag type. The feathers are always in the wrong corner and you always try to bring them back 😉 

Also this typical fust (smell of sweat…) 

And although I I had a positive attitude to the room I woke up in the night by a heavy sneezing attack. 

Soon after I have opened the door to the balcony it was much better. 

My landlady had prepared breakfast in the evening before so I had something to eat and coffee too. 

I got up at 05:30 took breakfast and started at 06:15.


At the beginning of these challenge I was in a doubt if I will be able to do it or not. Because I never did a climb of 2.000 meters on one day. 

The more I thought on it the more doubts. The exit strategy was that I am always be able to turn in go back to Merano and take the Brennero way back home. 

On the other hand I felt the burning ambition. 

Yesterday I felt that I have got the confidence to do. 

From this moment on my energy was focused on getting it done. 

In this attitude I started pedaling alone on the road with the bakers delivering their bread. 

The mountain’s summits were lightened by the first sunbeams. 

It was colder than the many days before 😉 my feet were terribly cold. 

Climbing higher and higher is an absolutely euphoriant feeling combarable with nothing else. I had 5 hours to enjoy this feeling. 

I did 3 little brakes, ate some nuts and berries and drank a lot of water. I had no magnesium anymore what led to some terrible muscle cramps in the lower legs the following night. 

There are fountains all the way up. 

Because the bicycle has a dynamo/generator it had always light in front and on the backside too. That’s important to be seen in the 18 tunnels. 

I started at an altitude of 690 made 1.900 meters up to the top at 2.590 where I arrived at 11:45. After a few km downhill there is another climb of approximately 100 meters. In total I made 2.000 meters.

For the downhill I prepared myself with windstopper clothes and gloves. Was a good downhill. 

The road from obergurgl to Ötz is a street with lots of traffic and on this day with continuously headwinds. 

At 4 pm I arrived at Ötz and got the prize, a wonderful icecream 😉 

I had asked two friends of mine whether possible to stay overnight at there wonderful home at Ötzerau. They invited me what meant to do another climb of 200 meters 😉 

After nice takes and a delicious dinner mainly with legumes from the own garden I slept on their wooden terrace under the starry sky. 

It was really fantastic 🙂 

Never again

In general to drive passes by bicycle is a great hobby. 

But there are two points that make it bad:

Of course the exhaust gases. Especially while inhaling deeply is terribly. 

More terrible than this are the Porsche and motorbiker on their testosterone mission. 

75 % of the motorbiker’s go their to enjoy high speed, acceleration and sound. 

I completely understand cause I did it the same way about 40 years ago. 

Once in my lifetime I made it. I’ll never repeat. 


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It was a bit tricky to leave Bolzano. Finally I did it with some detours. 

Then I followed the Adige bike path to Meran. That was pretty nice and relaxing. 

From Meran to San Leonardo was more exhausting cause of the climb of approximately 400 meters and the Passer bike path is dirt track. 

I did it very slowly to relax and save power for Timmelsjoch tomorrow. 

Today is Italy’s main holiday, Ferragosto. So I got no accommodation by booking.com. Yesterday I called the tourist association and got a list of available B&B. 

No I am in an old house. The owner an elder lady. Not on booking.com. 

Sitting on the balcony in the sun, nobody here. It’s wonderful. 

Hearing to normal pass-noise, the motorbike sounds. Here are thousands of them choosing either timmelsjoch or Jaufenpass or drive both like some very powerful cyclists do (Ötztal Marathon). 


The wind

I started pedaling at 10:22. 

Until 1 pm I had to drive against headwinds. But then (around Mezzolombardo) the direction of the wind changed. Always interesting what difference the wind makes. Especially with my luggage that makes a significant aerodynamic drag. 

I did not need sun cream today. It was overcast. Some rain drops around Trento was the whole precipitation. 

This alto adige bike path is really wonderful and I can strongly recommend. Especially the part from Verona to Bolzano. Only a 100 meters difference in altitude and about 170 km. That’s the reason why there are so many biker. Race biker as well as long distance biker and people going to work or enjoy their free time also with family. 

Today I made 89 km. 



Neat and clean

Memory: pics ran out 🙁

After a opulent breakfast I felt like a rock on a bike. So I started slowly that the body was able to do the digestion. 

It took a time to cross Verona (260.000 inhabitants). 

On the bike path it was wonderful. No exhaust gases no traffic noise. Asphalted and signed road along the river or a channel so nearly no climbs. AND neat and clean 😉 I had not realized going southwards but now coming from south, from Mezzo Giorno it is that evident! 

Also this evening after dinner strolling about Rovereto. Everything neat and clean. The people on the roads, in bars, in restaurants laughing, kind having fun. The buildings newly painted and not only the ground-floor front. 

Of course you need money to have it that neat and clean. But why do people here have money and people in the south not? Finally it must be the diligence. „No sweet without sweat.“ „no gain without pain.“ 

Anyway I’m back in Central Europe 😉 

After some km on the bike path the I faced the flat tyre again. No, not mine 😉 

An elder lady came towards me wheeling her race bike. I stopped and tried to help her. A bit language problems but for the rest easy because she had a new inner tube. 

While working a young German came along and stopped too. He was on his way from Augsburg to Verona and we talked a lot about traveling by bike. Meanwhile I had finished the repair but we couldn’t inflate successfully. We tried with 3 pumps. No chance. So the lady left us wheeling her bike again. But about a 200 meters further on another race biker stopped and helped her too. 

Soon I was on the same way I traveled 2 months ago southwards 🙂 

Later I met a Dutchman who was „talking ill“, means he never stopped talking 😉 finally I stood up and said I have to hurry up. But I made another friend on Facebook 😉 

Later I met a couple also on their way from Augsburg to Verona. And an older Swiss man with a terribly overloaded bike and I have seen about 10 other LDC (Long Distance Cyclist) to whom I didn’t talk. I am that surprised to meet so many of them while meet only 2 LDC in my 76 days before 😉 

After 81 km I arrived at about half past 6 at Rovereto. 

I never visited Rovereto but passed by 100 times 😉 

Now I know this is a pretty nice city and worth it to visit. 


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Flat tyre repair

Here in the hotel was easy to do. 

Crazy that I put the patch about 1,5 centimeters next the hole 🙁

Just like last time. 

But now it’s done and I have inflated much. I believe that are 5 bar. 

I’ll see tomorrow 😉 

How much to drink

Yesterday I observed how much I will drink. 

Inclusive the water at breakfast I drunk 4,5 liter water until arriving. 

Pee only one time. 

Picture limits again

Yesterday I have got the information that my pic upload ran out 🙂 

Last time the ceiling was 300. This was the version free of charge. 

Then I’ve upgraded and pay 10 Euro per month. 

Now the ceiling seems to be 600. 

That’s really annoying 🙁

I’ve wrote to them. 


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South – North + AIDA

Within two days I changed from Sicily to Venetia. 

There are so many differences. 

Of course the temperatue in the morning. A green land cooles much more in the night than a brown one. 27—28 at Syracuse and 23 today. 

So the landscape, the vegetation differs. 

But, for me, most significant are the scents. Dusty, heavy, sweet and salty in the south and at the seaside. Wet and earthy here. 

In Sicily on every km I drove my nose got this heavy sweet smell of figs jam caused by countless figs trees. 

At the beginning of my travel in the north the also sweet and heavy scent of jasmine filled the air. 

Now sitting in a bar at Albaro a little village 15 km to Verona I see another difference: the bar itself, the status of it and the frequency of the consumers. In Sicily every bar I have seen with always at least a few people in it. Normally many people drinking their quick café and doing some talks. 

Here it is the same like home: every hour hopefully a guest. 

Another difference is the trash along the roads in Sicily, in Calabria and Latia too. Huge islands of trash and little trash on any meters of the road. Sometimes they do – so my interpretation 😉 – some trash burning by burning the about 10 meters besides the roads. Very often seen in Sicily! It is terribly because it stinks breathtaking. Only bottles stay the temperatue and remain. 

Here it is neat and clean same at home. 

Why this difference? And what is the benchmark? 

An obstacle 😉 also you can see the Adige and the bike path 😉

Yippee 🙂 an asphalted bike path.

While I enjoyed the espresso and a little rest there was time enough for the air to leave my rear wheel 😉 so I had to pay the price for the dirt track 😉 the second flat tire on my way of 3.000 km.

A tiny little hole. The repair was done in half an hour. Fortunately I could use the bar’s toilet to find the hole. Unfortunately it didn’t work well and after about 10 km I felt the rear wheel drifting. So I inflated again. So I did every 5 km. Finally every km and had to wheel the bike on the last 500 meters to the hotel. I’ll repair it tomorrow 😉

Today’s tour from Badia Polesine to Verona. 77 km. Below you can see the path towards Venice along river Po.

Aida and specially Ramades her lover gave me the power that fast and long. Yesterday I looked up whether there is a nice opera at Verona’s arena. Saturday was Aida and Sunday Carmen. I would like to see Aida. Like Ramades I tried to be successful and win the battle. This intention made my upper legs fly and so I made to Verona by half past 5. The opera starts at 20:45 so I had time enough.

The impressing Arena.

God Ptah.

Act two picture one.

A sequence of act two picture two.

A bit closer. That was a really breathtaking show. So many actors. That impressive scenery by 95 year old Franco Zeffirelli.


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Long traveling

As you can see on the timetable this was a long traveling by train. 

Especially the nearly 4 hours from 1 am to half past 4 am were tedious. I tried to keep my eyes closed as long as possible to give my body the idea of sleeping and night. 

That worked in the beginning but the sitting on these high-grade steel chairs is anything else than comfortably or relaxing. 

Anyway time passes. Sometimes slowly sometimes (to) fast 😉 

I was glad to face no problems. All trains were in time and worked 😉 

At about 9 I arrived at Rovigo and could start pedaling. 

Roma Termini yesterday evening.

About 10 hours with the train. Thereof nearly 4 hours waiting at Ancona from 00:55 to 04:35. But everything worked well.

The upper and front part of my lower legs look a bit crazy. But it does neither hurt nor burn nor itch. Maybe caused by the sun or the sun cream or from the undergrowth I was on Monday at Syracuse?

The Adige again 🙂 this time the color is the same as the color of river Po brownish.

The bike path is a dirt track so I need more power and am much slower.

Today’s tour from Rovigo to Badia Polesine. 32 km. I stopped pedaling already at half past 12.


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Ferry boat to Salerno

Only few people decided for the Pullman seats so I could take one row of four seats to sleep. I put the alarm at 8 am and he woke me up. I was really surprised. Okay, it wasn’t a mattress but I slept very well.

At the station in Salerno the operator had to shake his head very often 😉 always in a way of saying no. 

But then surprisingly he stopped shaking was concentrated and stopped speaking too. Then he asked me whether I want to pay by card. So I payed got 6 tickets and got the information that the train will depart in a few minutes and the platform. 

Well, now I’m on the second train from Naples to Rome and here the bicycle area works. 

Really surprisingly is the way from Rome to Bologna: the train will cross the whole country also going to Rimini. I had to laugh out loud 😉 

I expected sth like that will happen. 

But I’m still going 😉 

The last part of the Amalfi coast where I pedaled some weeks ago.

Arriving at Salerno new port. It’s always amazing on the ferry boat. One hour before arriving the staff say via speaker to hurry up. And so the passengers do 😉 then sitting and staying in front of the elevator. In the moment you arrive at your car or bicycle within the hull you sweat and sweat. I believe there are 50 degrees. Amazing for me with the bike to pedal between and trough the huge lorries 😉

A thunderstorm….

…. Brought the railway down 🙁

Everything worked fine. I was on the second train about half an hour to Roma Termini. I had checked all possibilities and would take the train at 17:12 via Firenze so I had 1 hour to change trains. So I would arrive at bologna at 23:50. Via booking.com I made a reservation at a hotel next to the station. So I could sleep and take the train to rovigo at about 10. At Rovigo I could start pedaling the Etsch bike path.

Looked like a good plan. But the thunderstorm with heavy rain destroyed this plan. 

Some water ran through the coach but that didn’t matter at all. 

At Campoleone the train stopped – technical problems. 

We had to go out and wait for a bus service. In front of the station seemed 1.000 people to wait. Me too.

Then I had the idea to go to Rome by bike. 

30 km beeline means about 45 km to go. (finally 45,4 km) 

And there was a bike path on locus map. 

The start of the bike path wasn’t to find so I took SS 7 with partly lots of traffic but the possibility to be very fast. 

Cause of some construction zones in the capital it took a bit longer but finally I arrived a quarter to 8 pm. 

So the long night of the railway can start. I should arrive at bologna (Via Ancona!!!) tomorrow morning at about 7. I will see what else is going to happen 😉 


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Back on the bike path to Catania.

Delicious figs 🙂

And delicious blackberries 🙂

These Indian figs I did not harvest. First their taste isn’t my favorite. And secondly it is a bit tricky to harvest and enjoy them because of their little thorns

Mount Etna.

And a little bit nearer.

The ship to the continent.

Catania harbor.

Enta from the ferry boat.

And the harbor again.

Alitalia again

Because I had enough time I pedaled to the airport to see whether it is possible to get a ticket with personal help. After running and driving through the whole airport – especially the elevators with the bicycle were lot of fun 😉 – I had to go to the ticket office. Summarizing I said to the staff: Alitalia isn’t able to transport a person and his bike to Venice. She answered: of course Alitalia can. But I cannot help you 😉 

Because I’ve expected this I got on my bike and drove to the port. 

There I had also to do some extra km but at least I got the tickets that I had booked online and drove to mole 14. 

Fortunately there was a bar where I’ve got pizza and beer. 

Since 8 pm I’m on board. 

Today’s pedaling started pretty nice because I drove the bike path in the other direction with an breathtaking view over the sea. 

But after about 9 km I had to change to the road with much traffic. 

I was so weak today. At about half past 2 I took a brake at a weigh station. After eating a little bit I sat on a chair for one and a half hours and wasn’t able to move the little finger. The cellphone showed a 36 degrees. 

Then I took an espresso and started going on. After half an hour I felt much better. The temperature has fallen to 29.

Maybe the high temperature caused my weakness. Or the three day rest was to long? 


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