My name is Gerhard Halder. I was born in 1960. I am living at Lans, Tyrol, Austria.

In the 1980s with my girlfriend I traveled by bike for the first time. We had great journeys through Bretagne, Corsica and Italy. Traveling in this nomadic style with these slow means of transport I loved very much. About 30 years later I started traveling by bike again in 2018. This time alone.
In 2018 I went to Sicily. I did about 3.300 km within 80 days.

My aim was traveling not cycling. They way was my aim. Sometimes sightseeing, somtimes hiking and of course cycling. Also in my focus was to unterstand myself better. Is my body strong enough? Am I able to handle difficulties? Will I feel lonesome?

After last year’s wonderful and consistently positive experiences in 2019 I will cycle to Spain.