88-14.08.-Tu-Ventimiglia-Como lake

The alarm rung at 04:35 to get the train at 05:12. Everything worked fine and I arrived at 11:44 in Como Lago.

I hurried to the terminal to board the ferry boat to Bellano. The boat was scheduled at 12:00.

There was a 100-meter-queue of people to get a ticket. Normally if I face such a queue I run away 😉

I don’t know why I lined up. A few minutes later the staff came along and asked the people where to they want to go and whether by speed or slow boat. I told him to go with the slow boat to Bellano and he said I should board and get the ticket on board.

What a fortune 🙂

The Como lake is sooo wonderful. And I enjoyed the boat journey very much.

The region is full of tourists at the moment so I was happy to get a room for the night. But 20 km south of Chiavenna so I will have to cycle more on the other day.

Milano Centrale – railway station.
Lake Como.
Really beautiful.
From Ventimiglia to Lake Como by train.
With the ferry boat to Bellano and to Dubino by bicycle. 29 km. GT 4.290 km.