Today it is 3 months I am on tour 🙂

No problem to arrive at Menton. I was there at two o’clock. The staff from the car rental arrived at 3 pm as agreed.

He did not check the car. Not even whether I had filled the fuel. What a difference to the day before.

I have eaten the remaining cookies and after starting cycling I went for a cup of coffee.

The 14 km from Menton to Ventimiglia were easy to do although there was a climb to an altitude of 120 meters.

The Cote d’Azur is wonderful. I loved this coast since I was here in 1979 to see the Formula 1 race in Monte Carlo.

I booked a hotel next to the railway station because tomorrow morning I have to board the train at 05:12.

My first destination in Ventimiglia was the railway station to buy the ticket. I had prepared the trip on the Trenitalia App and showed it to the staff. 3 minutes later I had the ticket 😉 and the man was quite friendly and helpful 🙂 thumbs up for FS. Thumbs down for SNCF.

Ford Fiesta from Avis.
Rocky Menton 😉
The last sea impressions this year 🙂
Full moon in Ventimiglia.
Montpellier – Menton by car.
Menton – Ventimiglia by bike in 1, 5 hours for 14 km. GT 4.261 km.