86-12.08.-Mo-San Sebastian – Montpellier

I hadn’t slept well always thinking, dreaming on the car I had to give back at 10 am. I dreamed problems will occur.

With this bad foreshadowing I was there in time. The staff was friendly but checked the car intensively. He had a small sheet with handwritten notes of the damages. That looked not very professional. He found two scratches that seemed not to be on the list and he took photos and said he to send the photos to the colleague in Huelva who has to confirm to close the contract. That will need a day or even more.

So I left the office and started cycling heading for Hendaye railway station.

It started to rain and I put on the rain suite and started to sweat 😉 after a short while of cycling I was absolutely wet inside. The t-shirt and the primaloft. I was dressed warm because there were only 15 degrees.

Sunshine, rain, sunshine and so on.

Only 12 km beeline but the area was like a labyrinth. Different types of streets, bike paths, rivers, railway, sea, hills and tunnels.

Finally I got there and was happy to get shelter in the railway station.

The SNCF fulfilled all my expectations 😉 No, no, no way from Hendaye to Milano with the bicycle. Only to Bordeaux was possible.

I took a brunch at 2 pm because I hadn’t got breakfast today. And thought on a way to Milano.

Opposite the station was a car rental where I got a car for 24 hours to go to Menton. The distance is about 920 km.

I drove to Montpellier where I got a room for the night.

From San Sebastian with the bike to Hendaye (30 km) and with the car to Montpellier.