85-11.08.-So-Bilbao-San Sebastián

At 10 I was in the museum again. The only thing I saw in Bilbao were Peggy & Puppy but these two guys intensively. Well, and the Norman Foster Metro.

Next destination was San Sebastián to visit friends. But as I asked for the exact address it occurred they live in Santander 🙁

Since they left to Spain I was absolutely sure they are in San Sebastian. Unfortunately 🙁

So I looked for a hotel and a nice bay for a swim in the Atlantic. No sooner said than done!

The first bay wasn’t to go by car despite Google.Maps was sure to go there 😉

The second bay I had to hike. Firstly up to an altitude of 400 meters with the car than hiking down.

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it. In the beginning the path was well prepared and marked. Than I had to take a smaller path. I came down to an altitude of 100 meters. Than I turned. The way was to overgrown and I was scared to go with the short trousers and the thin boots. It was raining in the morning so everything was wet.

Fantastic 🙂
Some information at the beginning of the path.
It is green like in Tyrol and the sound of cow bells are the same but the sea is different and so wonderful.
I heard the waves coming in.
Are there traces of Roman roads?
Or here?
Not the Romans but maybe Charles 3rd’s people?
Close up of the english text.
A wonderful coast. I want to go along this coast with a sea kayak.
This swamp could also be in Tyrol.
This bay was my target. Only 100 meters…
In the second cave from the right (with the white tongue) the young eagle(s) are waiting for their parents.
I heard some screaming but didn’t know what it comes from. Coming closer I knew and then I saw firstly one and the other eagle leave the nest and swan away.
I prepared myself in mind to get attacked by the eagles but I believe they knew that the offspring is safe.
First I thought wildfires have destroyed the forest but now I am sure farmers cleared woodland.
I hurried to the car. 10 minutes later it started to rain.
I enjoyed a sandwich and the stunning views while sitting in the car.
From Bilbao to San Sebastián.
The two hours walk.