On my way to Bilbao I had to cross Ebro.

Maybe you remember day 41 as I arrived to Amposta I crossed the Ebro from north to south. Today from south to north.

I drove off the highway and a few kilometers to the river head at Fontibre. Absolutely impressive the river starts in the Pyrenees his 910 kilometers of journey to the Mediterranean. What a distance.

Driving towards the Pyrenees I felt like driving over the planes of Kansas and Colorado and the silhouette of the Rocky mountains appeare.

By the way: cycling in Spain’s interior should also be possible in the Spanish summer high. This morning the temperature that the car messuered was 17 and not higher than 25. Okay it was more or less overcast.

I saw the Atlantic at about Santander and turned towards east following the coastline. Wow, what an amazing landscape. Similar to the Tyrolean one but the waves coming into the bays are fantastic.

Mountains 😉 or let’s say Pyrenees.
My kangaroo 😉
The source behind the Saint Mary statue.
Arrived in the hotel I was due for a shower and took an espresso in the hotel bar and already went to the Peggy Guggenheim museum. I was so excited to be there and to see this fantastic architecture by Frank O. Ghery.
Puente la Salve over river Nervión and next to the museum brings the traffic to Bilbao.
The Matter of time!
Steel structure.
The tourqued ellipse.
A model. View from above.
View from the first floor. Walking through these tourqued ellipses I felt a bit seasick.
Jeff Koons‘ Tulips.
Tulips + Puente la Salve.
From the third floor.
A riverboat on river Nervión.
Every step opens new angles.
An installation by Yoko Ono – the whish tree.
Of course to build this museum was expensive. Star architect Frank O. Ghery and platinum and lots of steel and this organic form. But you maybe know the so called „Bilbao effect“. It was opened in 1997. From there on Bilbao was and is a touristic magnet.
And here Jeff Koons’s PUPPY a young dog with so many flowers.
Jeff Koons is the most expensive artist alive. His RABBIT was sold for 91.000.000 USD.
And Norman Foster another star architect built the metro.
Old and new.
Today’s route from Valladolid to Bilbao.