At 10 I had booked the visitation of the cathedral. To be exact the new cathedral.

There were not many visitors and with 6 Euro was cheap.

The cathedral’s belltower.
One entrance.
And another one.
Inside cathedral one of many entrances to the chorus.
The wooden chorus with the quadrilateral speaker’s desk also called cathedra. In general cathedra is the bishop’s chair.
View to the chorus and the entrance side.
The altar.
The Roman Bridge over river Tormes. By the way, it was raining 🙂
Tormes in the rain. I believe this is the only day in summer with rain 😉
About 200 kilometers.
The altar of Valladolid cathedral less palatial than the one in Salamanca.
I like this house.
Valladolid Plaza Mayor.
Rio Pisuerga.