This was a wonderful route. In the beginning a less frequented fresh asphalted Street through a fantastic smelling umbrella pine forest.

Followed by a well prepared bike path through pine trees and lagoons and marshlands with its special smell.

I was ready at the car rental and got a bruised old Renault kango transported. But perfect to load the bike.

Eight hours later at half past 8 I arrived at Salamanca. The first view was impressive. Two cathedrals – the old and the new – on a hill unbelievable huge and golden hour.

The second view was while crossing river Tormes the little floating family boats.

The way there started at an altitude of 0 went up to 1.200 and ended at 700. The temperature correlated from 36 to 27.

The highway is named „de la Plata“. Wonderful highlands even with nice mountains.

Lots of agriculture. And so many water. Most impressive river Tajo from Spain to Lissabons. Shining green amid rocks and dry brown lands and really tremendous.

On the other hand Wikipedia shows a decrease in people in Salamanca (Valladolid the same) from 158.000 in 2000 to 144.000 in 2017. The mechanization in agriculture leeds to a drift to the cities.

Salamanca has the oldest and yet existing university with 40.000 students 27 %. I like such cities very much because they are alive 🙂

Salamanca can be compared to Innsbruck in some aspects but not in economic growth. Salamanca means agriculture, tourism and university. A curious mixture.

Nice title 😉
Old cathedral.
New cathedral.
New one from my hotel room.
To be loyally can bring you great presents. Philipp V first Spanish emperor let build these stunning Plaza Mayor to the people of Salamanca because they gave him total support in the war of succession in 1729.