On my way back home!

Yesterday I decided to return and to go home.

One reason are the back pain I have since one morning in Estepona so they last now for about 14 days. In the beginning I took pills (voltaren) but I stopped one week ago because I got the impression the pills make my heart beat heavily. This was confirmed by the information sheet I downloaded.

My plan was to stay a few days along Algarve coast and rent a boat and swim and snorkel. Therefore I’ve bought a snorkeling set that I gave today morning a young man in the hostel I stood for the night.

Back pain and cold water was absolutely impossible.

Another reason is that the Algarve is brimful with tourists. I looked on booking.com about hotels for the next days along Algarve. Either 100 Euro plus or shared bedroom.

And another reason maybe is that I am filled with impressions so I got less enthusiastic.

Tomorrow I will take a car at Huelva – only 20 more kilometers to cycle tomorrow – and give it back in San Sebastian on Monday. So I have enough time.

From San Sebastian I believe I will take the TGV to Strasbourg or Milano.

About 10 kilometers I drove through this wonderful swampland with its special smell.
From Travia back to Cartaya in about 7 hours and 59 km. GT 4.189 km.