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Dusty allergy

As I mentioned the B&B was a quite old house. Maybe built in the 1950s and refurbished in the 1970s.

For example the feather bed was about 50 years old and this bag type. The feathers are always in the wrong corner and you always try to bring them back 😉 

Also this typical fust (smell of sweat…) 

And although I I had a positive attitude to the room I woke up in the night by a heavy sneezing attack. 

Soon after I have opened the door to the balcony it was much better. 

My landlady had prepared breakfast in the evening before so I had something to eat and coffee too. 

I got up at 05:30 took breakfast and started at 06:15.


At the beginning of these challenge I was in a doubt if I will be able to do it or not. Because I never did a climb of 2.000 meters on one day. 

The more I thought on it the more doubts. The exit strategy was that I am always be able to turn in go back to Merano and take the Brennero way back home. 

On the other hand I felt the burning ambition. 

Yesterday I felt that I have got the confidence to do. 

From this moment on my energy was focused on getting it done. 

In this attitude I started pedaling alone on the road with the bakers delivering their bread. 

The mountain’s summits were lightened by the first sunbeams. 

It was colder than the many days before 😉 my feet were terribly cold. 

Climbing higher and higher is an absolutely euphoriant feeling combarable with nothing else. I had 5 hours to enjoy this feeling. 

I did 3 little brakes, ate some nuts and berries and drank a lot of water. I had no magnesium anymore what led to some terrible muscle cramps in the lower legs the following night. 

There are fountains all the way up. 

Because the bicycle has a dynamo/generator it had always light in front and on the backside too. That’s important to be seen in the 18 tunnels. 

I started at an altitude of 690 made 1.900 meters up to the top at 2.590 where I arrived at 11:45. After a few km downhill there is another climb of approximately 100 meters. In total I made 2.000 meters.

For the downhill I prepared myself with windstopper clothes and gloves. Was a good downhill. 

The road from obergurgl to Ötz is a street with lots of traffic and on this day with continuously headwinds. 

At 4 pm I arrived at Ötz and got the prize, a wonderful icecream 😉 

I had asked two friends of mine whether possible to stay overnight at there wonderful home at Ötzerau. They invited me what meant to do another climb of 200 meters 😉 

After nice takes and a delicious dinner mainly with legumes from the own garden I slept on their wooden terrace under the starry sky. 

It was really fantastic 🙂 

Never again

In general to drive passes by bicycle is a great hobby. 

But there are two points that make it bad:

Of course the exhaust gases. Especially while inhaling deeply is terribly. 

More terrible than this are the Porsche and motorbiker on their testosterone mission. 

75 % of the motorbiker’s go their to enjoy high speed, acceleration and sound. 

I completely understand cause I did it the same way about 40 years ago. 

Once in my lifetime I made it. I’ll never repeat. 


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