Today I hit the road at 8. But 20 km later I saw that I started at 7! After 20 km I passed the boarder to Portugal. There is a time change of 1 hour.

It is nice to start that early. The sun is almost up and it is a moist and fresh air.

To get to Portugal I had to cross over river Guadiana, the border river with its head in Spain and 745 km long.

The Portugiese language sounds crazy and very different to the Spanish one. It sounds more like a Slavic language.

My first impressions: the roads Shoulders are either not there or much bader. The prices in the supermarket seems to be higher. There are three VAT rates: 6 % for food, 13 % for luxury food and 23 % for goods and beverages also for water. The beer in the bar was 1,20 for 0,33 as cheap as in Spain.

In the evening strolling through Tavira I saw a military patrol in their open jeep. Tree soldiers. They behaved friendly but showed their gats and ammunition belts. This is a reminiscent of Naples last year.

I never saw military in the streets of Spain.

At 07:15 from my hotel room. The sun hasn’t yet arose.
Fresh morning.
A lagoon.
Looks like a frozen lake.
View from Spain to Portugal.
On board.
On river Guadiana.
From Lepe to Tavira in about 8 hours and 68 km. GT 4.130 km.
In the evening.