It was a bit tricky to leave Bolzano. Finally I did it with some detours. 

Then I followed the Adige bike path to Meran. That was pretty nice and relaxing. 

From Meran to San Leonardo was more exhausting cause of the climb of approximately 400 meters and the Passer bike path is dirt track. 

I did it very slowly to relax and save power for Timmelsjoch tomorrow. 

Today is Italy’s main holiday, Ferragosto. So I got no accommodation by booking.com. Yesterday I called the tourist association and got a list of available B&B. 

No I am in an old house. The owner an elder lady. Not on booking.com. 

Sitting on the balcony in the sun, nobody here. It’s wonderful. 

Hearing to normal pass-noise, the motorbike sounds. Here are thousands of them choosing either timmelsjoch or Jaufenpass or drive both like some very powerful cyclists do (Ötztal Marathon).