79-05.08.-Mo-La Palma-Lepe

I didn’t sleep well because it was very hot and I didn’t want to use the AC the whole time.

I got up at 7 to avoid the great heat. And hit the road at 07:45 after a breakfast in the hotel bar.

Soon I stopped and put on the primaloft and the buff on my head. It was about 20 degrees centigrade.

Very interesting is the range between top and lowest temperature of nearly 20 degrees. 20 in the morning and 38 in the afternoon. Maybe comparable to the desert because on the bald farmland the temperature cannot be stored!?

I made good progress and arrived at Huelva at about 11 am. In the pedestrian zone I drunk a bear bought suncream at the pharmacy and as I saw a supermarket also my lunch meal. Than I went on cycling but after a few minutes had to cross a parc and decided to do the lunch break here because the time was nearly noon.

So I faced the oppressive head again. But on the last 15 kilometers headwinds occurred. Some gusts were hot like a firewall but the more I went the more nippy the gusts became. Yes, I was at the Atlantic sea again.

I arrived in the hotel at 4 pm. Now I lay on the bed dressed with a t-shirt and covered with a blanket.

A Roman Bridge at Niebla.
Puente Romano de Niebla.
My newest security tool a flashing light that every driver sees me.
Castillo de Niebla.
77 km from La Palma del Condado to Lepe in 8 hours. GT 4.062 km.