78-04.08.-Su-Seville-La Palma del Condado

The weather warning for today was 4 degrees hotter than the day before.

Nevertheless it was cloudy until midday.

It took some time to leave Seville. I sometimes followed the wrong bike paths and than I was looking for a 1.500 year old cactus that was shown in my map but couldn’t find.

The plan was to go to La Palma del Condado about 60 km. Finally I drove 82 km because of the detours in Seville and because of a intentional diversion to see solar power plants. That was really great but very hot.

I had done some easy climbs. As I arrived at the edge to drive downwards again I saw a kind of a tower or pillar with a strong light on top. Immediately I thought this could be a solar power tower and it was. It was able to go there very closely. I estimate the tower was 200 meters away and the mirrors only 10 meters.

I was really excited 😉 Already in Almería I tried to see the solar power tower but it was to far outside.

And now randomly I was in the center. On German Wikipedia the cover picture shows P10 and P20 in Andalucia I visited today. There is also information on Wikipedia under „P10 solar power plant“ (also German). The annual output is 23 GWh.

I had only some crackers to eat and every market was closed.

As I came back to the main road with less traffic it was really hot. So I cycled from 3 to 6 pm with a cerveza pause at a bar along the road. And some breaks under rarely seen trees. That helped a lot.

Now I have to wait until 9 pm to get something to eat.

The canal in Seville with an rowboat.
River Guadalquivir.
The first view to the solar power tower.
I was astonished to come so close to the plant.
The mirrors in front seems to be another system.
Only with the glacier glasses it was possible to see the light.
I heard the adjustment of the mirrors.
Solanova 1. It wasn’t possible to look into the light.
Here the system with parabolic mirrors is used.
Solanova 3.
This building and information was on the main road.
View back from the main road with some cows on the dry and hot field.
Nearly all of today’s way was straight road.
From Seville to La Palma del Condado in about 8 hours with 82 kilometers. GT 3.985 km.