Neat and clean

Memory: pics ran out 🙁

After a opulent breakfast I felt like a rock on a bike. So I started slowly that the body was able to do the digestion. 

It took a time to cross Verona (260.000 inhabitants). 

On the bike path it was wonderful. No exhaust gases no traffic noise. Asphalted and signed road along the river or a channel so nearly no climbs. AND neat and clean 😉 I had not realized going southwards but now coming from south, from Mezzo Giorno it is that evident! 

Also this evening after dinner strolling about Rovereto. Everything neat and clean. The people on the roads, in bars, in restaurants laughing, kind having fun. The buildings newly painted and not only the ground-floor front. 

Of course you need money to have it that neat and clean. But why do people here have money and people in the south not? Finally it must be the diligence. „No sweet without sweat.“ „no gain without pain.“ 

Anyway I’m back in Central Europe 😉 

After some km on the bike path the I faced the flat tyre again. No, not mine 😉 

An elder lady came towards me wheeling her race bike. I stopped and tried to help her. A bit language problems but for the rest easy because she had a new inner tube. 

While working a young German came along and stopped too. He was on his way from Augsburg to Verona and we talked a lot about traveling by bike. Meanwhile I had finished the repair but we couldn’t inflate successfully. We tried with 3 pumps. No chance. So the lady left us wheeling her bike again. But about a 200 meters further on another race biker stopped and helped her too. 

Soon I was on the same way I traveled 2 months ago southwards 🙂 

Later I met a Dutchman who was „talking ill“, means he never stopped talking 😉 finally I stood up and said I have to hurry up. But I made another friend on Facebook 😉 

Later I met a couple also on their way from Augsburg to Verona. And an older Swiss man with a terribly overloaded bike and I have seen about 10 other LDC (Long Distance Cyclist) to whom I didn’t talk. I am that surprised to meet so many of them while meet only 2 LDC in my 76 days before 😉 

After 81 km I arrived at about half past 6 at Rovereto. 

I never visited Rovereto but passed by 100 times 😉 

Now I know this is a pretty nice city and worth it to visit. 


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