This night I slept very well. Last night was loud. Firstly I dismantled the fridge because it was so loudly clattering. But there was still a fan on although the AC was off. I switched off the two fuses but it kept clattering. I couldn’t find.

The next day I asked the receptionist. He sent the handyman who couldn’t find too 😉

So I got another room. Here it is wonderfully silent 🙂

Sightseeing in Seville.

Catedral de Sevilla.
A cab wheel.
The main entrance.
42 meters high and with a ground floor of 115 by 76 meters and rectangle because it was built on the remains of the Mesquite Mayor that was built by the Arabs in the 12th century.
It has 32 pillars and 5 naves and 9 transepts.
Built from 1401 to 1519.
The silvery altar.
The chorus. In the middle the desk for these huge books.
Holy Mary with her son. The statue is made of alabaster. Here a detail….
…. And here the big picture.
One of two organs.
Holy Francis enlightenment.
The coffin with Christopher Columbus‘ remainings.
On the painting Saint Christopher the buckler of the travelers.
The coffin carried by the four Spanish kingdoms.
The main altars retable. Nearly unbelievable what great things human is able to do.
Giralda. Formerly the minaret.
The orange garden. For the mosque it was used for washing rituals.
No stairs but ramps that messages could be delivered quickly by horse riders. 34 ramps in total.
24 bells.
Pelayo Bar de Tapas. Delicious 🙂
Awning helps to keep people cool 😉
Fantastic music here. So waiting time is dancing time 😉