Flat tyre repair

Here in the hotel was easy to do. 

Crazy that I put the patch about 1,5 centimeters next the hole 🙁

Just like last time. 

But now it’s done and I have inflated much. I believe that are 5 bar. 

I’ll see tomorrow 😉 

How much to drink

Yesterday I observed how much I will drink. 

Inclusive the water at breakfast I drunk 4,5 liter water until arriving. 

Pee only one time. 

Picture limits again

Yesterday I have got the information that my pic upload ran out 🙂 

Last time the ceiling was 300. This was the version free of charge. 

Then I’ve upgraded and pay 10 Euro per month. 

Now the ceiling seems to be 600. 

That’s really annoying 🙁

I’ve wrote to them. 


Senden Sie mir bei einer Folgemeldung eine E-Mail.

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