South – North + AIDA

Within two days I changed from Sicily to Venetia. 

There are so many differences. 

Of course the temperatue in the morning. A green land cooles much more in the night than a brown one. 27—28 at Syracuse and 23 today. 

So the landscape, the vegetation differs. 

But, for me, most significant are the scents. Dusty, heavy, sweet and salty in the south and at the seaside. Wet and earthy here. 

In Sicily on every km I drove my nose got this heavy sweet smell of figs jam caused by countless figs trees. 

At the beginning of my travel in the north the also sweet and heavy scent of jasmine filled the air. 

Now sitting in a bar at Albaro a little village 15 km to Verona I see another difference: the bar itself, the status of it and the frequency of the consumers. In Sicily every bar I have seen with always at least a few people in it. Normally many people drinking their quick café and doing some talks. 

Here it is the same like home: every hour hopefully a guest. 

Another difference is the trash along the roads in Sicily, in Calabria and Latia too. Huge islands of trash and little trash on any meters of the road. Sometimes they do – so my interpretation 😉 – some trash burning by burning the about 10 meters besides the roads. Very often seen in Sicily! It is terribly because it stinks breathtaking. Only bottles stay the temperatue and remain. 

Here it is neat and clean same at home. 

Why this difference? And what is the benchmark? 

An obstacle 😉 also you can see the Adige and the bike path 😉

Yippee 🙂 an asphalted bike path.

While I enjoyed the espresso and a little rest there was time enough for the air to leave my rear wheel 😉 so I had to pay the price for the dirt track 😉 the second flat tire on my way of 3.000 km.

A tiny little hole. The repair was done in half an hour. Fortunately I could use the bar’s toilet to find the hole. Unfortunately it didn’t work well and after about 10 km I felt the rear wheel drifting. So I inflated again. So I did every 5 km. Finally every km and had to wheel the bike on the last 500 meters to the hotel. I’ll repair it tomorrow 😉

Today’s tour from Badia Polesine to Verona. 77 km. Below you can see the path towards Venice along river Po.

Aida and specially Ramades her lover gave me the power that fast and long. Yesterday I looked up whether there is a nice opera at Verona’s arena. Saturday was Aida and Sunday Carmen. I would like to see Aida. Like Ramades I tried to be successful and win the battle. This intention made my upper legs fly and so I made to Verona by half past 5. The opera starts at 20:45 so I had time enough.

The impressing Arena.

God Ptah.

Act two picture one.

A sequence of act two picture two.

A bit closer. That was a really breathtaking show. So many actors. That impressive scenery by 95 year old Franco Zeffirelli.


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