Yesterday I felt under pressure because I had the idea to make it to Seville. I got up earlier as usual and always hurry up. In Lebrija came the end as I had to climb a little hill I broke down. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a parc there to relax.

Today everything was easy-going. I started at 9. After a few meters I saw a bar with people sitting in front. So I decided to take breakfast. Tostado con queso y aceite and espresso.

With the help of the both applications I checked a nice way with less traffic mostly farmers sometimes with tractors but more often with semitrailer trucks.

I have also seen today how great I feel cycling through farmland. It’s so interesting how they do. The irrigation, the harvesting and the crops. And to see the difference to farming in Tyrol. Here is so huge. It is like to compare a single-family house with a skyscraper.

Guadalquivir is the source for this agricultural prosperity. Wikipedia says he is 657 km long and therewith is (only) the fifth largest river in Spain. River Po in Italy is with its 652 km the longest of Italy.

Another insight came by cycling through Seville. 30 degrees plus is my favorite temperature for cycling. Everything is so warm and my body feels comfortable no pain no cold feeling. And there is always a bit of a wind. Of course drinking is very important. Today I drunk 5 liter and took 5 magnesium pills.

For my lunch break I choosed Los Palacios y Villafranca. On the map I saw a parc with a supermarket next to it. Nobody was in the parc. It seems it was made not far ago because trees were small. I ate in the shade of palisander or rosewood or Jacaranda trees my new favorite trees. Correctly it were Dalbergia another family of trees than the Jacaranda.

For the nap I lay down in the grass in the shade of another tree and next to the pool so the babble by the waterspout fountain sang me to sleep 🙂

Along one long part of the route eucalyptus trees made an alley. I love eucalyptus because they emit their typical fragrance. If you ever see an eucalyptus you know water is around.

Arriving at Seville I was received by green bike paths. So I had a completely relaxing trip today.

Farmland as far as the eyes could reach.
Farmland, irrigation and photovoltaic.
A little village in the middle of the farmland. On the map it looks like an island. It looks noble and wealthy and this monument shows the source of this wealth. The water.
Fallen down in the roundabout from the semitrailer trucks 😉
Kind of bush tomatoes to make machine harvesting able.
And the whole field.
Another flat tire on the KETCHUP road 😉
Sitting on the road doing the maintenance two girls on a moped came along and stopped 5 meters far from me because the engine of their moped broke down.
I said to them in an ironic manner: shall I help you. They only looked at me and told me not to speak English. I can’t believe. They are about 15 and it is sure that they go to school. Maybe they were a bit anxiously and shyly with an older man alone on this deserted road 😉 after several trials they got their moped to run and drove away immediately.
The KETCHUP containers.
Again for the semitrailer trucks.
I’ve forgotten the name of these church. The retable is really cluttered. I sat down for meditation set the alarm. But after a few minutes the light was reduced and in the end switched off and the friendly priest asked me to go so he can close.
Metropol Parasol. Also at 10 pm about 100 persons waiting.
From Lebrija to Seville 72 km in 8,5 hours. GT 3.903 km.