I wanted to get the ferry boat at 07:45 to cross the bay of Cadiz and go to El Portu de Santa María and avoid to use one of the two bridges with lots of traffic.

I was the only passenger. The ferry ride took only half an hour but was wonderful for all senses.

The sunrise the smell the wind.

In the awakening city I found an open bar and had coffee and cheese toast.

The ciclying was quite normal along a rural road.

Endless land with agriculture. I saw fields with sunflower, wine yards and next to Lebrija tomatoes. The grain was already harvested.

My plan was to make it to Sevilla but Lebrija was the end of the line. I was weak and tired. So I took a hotel here.

Good bye Cadiz.
Railway station at Jerez de la Frontera.
One of the many churches there.
Wide farmland.
Tomato harvesting. One harvester and 4 semitrailer truck.
From Cadiz to Lebrija 69 km thereof 10 by boat in 7 hours. GT 3.831 km.