Long traveling

As you can see on the timetable this was a long traveling by train. 

Especially the nearly 4 hours from 1 am to half past 4 am were tedious. I tried to keep my eyes closed as long as possible to give my body the idea of sleeping and night. 

That worked in the beginning but the sitting on these high-grade steel chairs is anything else than comfortably or relaxing. 

Anyway time passes. Sometimes slowly sometimes (to) fast 😉 

I was glad to face no problems. All trains were in time and worked 😉 

At about 9 I arrived at Rovigo and could start pedaling. 

Roma Termini yesterday evening.

About 10 hours with the train. Thereof nearly 4 hours waiting at Ancona from 00:55 to 04:35. But everything worked well.

The upper and front part of my lower legs look a bit crazy. But it does neither hurt nor burn nor itch. Maybe caused by the sun or the sun cream or from the undergrowth I was on Monday at Syracuse?

The Adige again 🙂 this time the color is the same as the color of river Po brownish.

The bike path is a dirt track so I need more power and am much slower.

Today’s tour from Rovigo to Badia Polesine. 32 km. I stopped pedaling already at half past 12.


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