Ferry boat to Salerno

Only few people decided for the Pullman seats so I could take one row of four seats to sleep. I put the alarm at 8 am and he woke me up. I was really surprised. Okay, it wasn’t a mattress but I slept very well.

At the station in Salerno the operator had to shake his head very often 😉 always in a way of saying no. 

But then surprisingly he stopped shaking was concentrated and stopped speaking too. Then he asked me whether I want to pay by card. So I payed got 6 tickets and got the information that the train will depart in a few minutes and the platform. 

Well, now I’m on the second train from Naples to Rome and here the bicycle area works. 

Really surprisingly is the way from Rome to Bologna: the train will cross the whole country also going to Rimini. I had to laugh out loud 😉 

I expected sth like that will happen. 

But I’m still going 😉 

The last part of the Amalfi coast where I pedaled some weeks ago.

Arriving at Salerno new port. It’s always amazing on the ferry boat. One hour before arriving the staff say via speaker to hurry up. And so the passengers do 😉 then sitting and staying in front of the elevator. In the moment you arrive at your car or bicycle within the hull you sweat and sweat. I believe there are 50 degrees. Amazing for me with the bike to pedal between and trough the huge lorries 😉

A thunderstorm….

…. Brought the railway down 🙁

Everything worked fine. I was on the second train about half an hour to Roma Termini. I had checked all possibilities and would take the train at 17:12 via Firenze so I had 1 hour to change trains. So I would arrive at bologna at 23:50. Via booking.com I made a reservation at a hotel next to the station. So I could sleep and take the train to rovigo at about 10. At Rovigo I could start pedaling the Etsch bike path.

Looked like a good plan. But the thunderstorm with heavy rain destroyed this plan. 

Some water ran through the coach but that didn’t matter at all. 

At Campoleone the train stopped – technical problems. 

We had to go out and wait for a bus service. In front of the station seemed 1.000 people to wait. Me too.

Then I had the idea to go to Rome by bike. 

30 km beeline means about 45 km to go. (finally 45,4 km) 

And there was a bike path on locus map. 

The start of the bike path wasn’t to find so I took SS 7 with partly lots of traffic but the possibility to be very fast. 

Cause of some construction zones in the capital it took a bit longer but finally I arrived a quarter to 8 pm. 

So the long night of the railway can start. I should arrive at bologna (Via Ancona!!!) tomorrow morning at about 7. I will see what else is going to happen 😉 


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