Back on the bike path to Catania.

Delicious figs 🙂

And delicious blackberries 🙂

These Indian figs I did not harvest. First their taste isn’t my favorite. And secondly it is a bit tricky to harvest and enjoy them because of their little thorns

Mount Etna.

And a little bit nearer.

The ship to the continent.

Catania harbor.

Enta from the ferry boat.

And the harbor again.

Alitalia again

Because I had enough time I pedaled to the airport to see whether it is possible to get a ticket with personal help. After running and driving through the whole airport – especially the elevators with the bicycle were lot of fun 😉 – I had to go to the ticket office. Summarizing I said to the staff: Alitalia isn’t able to transport a person and his bike to Venice. She answered: of course Alitalia can. But I cannot help you 😉 

Because I’ve expected this I got on my bike and drove to the port. 

There I had also to do some extra km but at least I got the tickets that I had booked online and drove to mole 14. 

Fortunately there was a bar where I’ve got pizza and beer. 

Since 8 pm I’m on board. 

Today’s pedaling started pretty nice because I drove the bike path in the other direction with an breathtaking view over the sea. 

But after about 9 km I had to change to the road with much traffic. 

I was so weak today. At about half past 2 I took a brake at a weigh station. After eating a little bit I sat on a chair for one and a half hours and wasn’t able to move the little finger. The cellphone showed a 36 degrees. 

Then I took an espresso and started going on. After half an hour I felt much better. The temperature has fallen to 29.

Maybe the high temperature caused my weakness. Or the three day rest was to long? 


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