71-28.07.-So-El Bujeo – Vejer de la Frontera

After the rain yesterday evening today started cloudy.

After a little climb I made the downhill to Tarifa the most south European point at a latitude of exactly 36°00. Unfortunately the island with the lighthouse in front of Tarifa was closed so a few 100 meters I couldn’t stay there.

The next highlight I planned to see was Bolonia a marvelous beach with a traveling dune and excavations of a Roman village.

But it started with an additional 100 meters climb and so many cars. I couldn’t believe that all these cars can be parked.

After the climb I enjoyed una cerveza sin alcohol in a bar over there 😉

On top of the little climb.
Clouds with sun, wind mills and Africa.
The first of so many wind turbines.
At Tarifa Island. 36°00
View back from the island to Tarifa. The Atlantic at the left side the Mediterranean to the right.
The kite and wind surf Hotspot at Tarifa.
Nice surf bar for breakfast.
Famous beach 😉
At the end of the beach the traveling dune.
A view over the excavations of the Roman village Baelo Claudia.
Roman basilica for the administration of justice.
The bathroom. Roman’s got it warm by so called Hypocausten heating. Causten means to burn. Hypo means below. Ancient Greek words. So hot air circulates below the floor.
Therefore Romans fired millions of trees.
2.000 years later Germans fired millions of people. So called HOLOcaust(en). Holo means completely.
One of 3 known aqueducts brought the water from a source 8 kilometers away.
Climb back 200 meters to the pass over there getting tapas and cerveza.
I believe about 700 wind turbines in this area from Tarifa to Cadiz.
From El Bujeo to Vejer de la Frontera 78 km in 8,5 hours. GT 3.694 km.