Way home

Today I checked which possibilities there are. 

Flight by Alitalia from Catania to Venice: despite of five calls I couldn’t get the information of whether and why (measures + packing) it is possible to transport the bicycle. One lady talked perfect English but passed me on. The next lady didn’t talk any English so she passed me on. The third lady said I have to call another number. Then I talked to Roberta but the line broke down. Next it seemed she didn’t hear me. This was the point I gave up. 

Then I went to the railway station and asked the staff for a ticket to bologna with bike. He didn’t speak English but his finger moved a no. I gave up again. 

Now I have booked a ferry boat from Catania to Salerno.

So I’ll leave Syracuse tomorrow for Catania. At 10 pm the boat will depart and will arrive next day at 11 pm at Salerno. 

There I’ll go to the railway station and hope to get a ticket for me and the bike 😉 

Otherwise I have to take the bike again 😉 

Fontane Aretusa. A phenomena. A source only a few meters beside the sea on little island Ortigia where downtown Syracuse is located. This water source allowed for example the Greeks around Archimedes about 230 BC to say the fights of the Romans. And it’s a nice tale how it was found. The story of a woman strongly desired by a man 😉

Here Ovid’s version of the tale.

Well, every male reader will unterstand Alpheos vehement desire 😉


Trees with tremendous diameter.

Half of the most cute car 🙂

Castello Maniace on the forefront of island Ortigia (downtown Syracuse). Today it seems the clouds are coming from the sea. All the four days I was at Syracuse it was cloudy and rainy in the late afternoon.

Inside the cathedral of Syracuse. Also named: Duomo Santa Maria delle Colonne. Or: cathedral holy Mary of the columns. I had a nice time there because of the piano playing and singing in preparation of a wedding ceremony. And because of the fans blowing from the pulpits 😉

Syracuse fiery sunset.


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