70-27.07.-Sa-Gibraltar-El Bujeo

It’s always the Saturday making me feel stressed.

No problem to find an appropriate room. But not so on Saturday. Only the rooms from 200 Euros up but also only a few and often far away from my route.

I started from the hotel in La Linea de la Concepción and stopped after a few meters to put on the primaloft. It wasn’t really cold but the ponente – heavy wind from the west – made it cold.

Today my way is more or less westwards. So I had to struggle a lot because ponente is really heavy.

Because of the room stress I wasn’t focused on where to go. Different options occurred. The most crazy on: to board the ferry boat a Algeciraz to Tanger. Booking.com had many rooms there 😉

Another alternative was to use the tent. Especially I wanted to reach the Bolonia bay and wild camping there.

Also I downloaded several booking apps and deleted them after they did not work.

You see I was torn. To bring me down I started cycling and wanted to make it to Tarifa.

N340 again and one pass (Puerto del Bujeo) to climb. The 326 meters were easy to climb not more than 5 %. Only the heavy and permanent headwinds were the challenge 😉

Shortly after the pass and after dressing the primaloft for the downhill I passed a hotel stopped was ambivalent but finally I decided to ask. At this time heavy clouds occurred.

Fortunately they had a room, a garage and a restaurant.

After enjoying a swordfish it is raining. How glad I am now about my decision to take the room here 🙂

In the Parque de Maria Cristina at Algeciraz I had my lunch break and slept until a parc staff made the „wake up call“ because she had to close the doors 😉
As you see the name of Paco de Lucia, he is a son of Algeciraz.
Algeciraz‘ main square.
Amazing cloud build by ponente.
The hotel staff opened the garage to put my bicycle in. Big surprise a Fiat 850 sport 🙂 my brother had exactly the same one in the mids of the 1970s. And I had the limousine chassis 😉
Opposite the Fiat four vintage Mercedes.
38 km from Gibraltar to El Bujeo in 7,5 hours. GT 3.615 km.
The latitude is 36°04. So, only 4 minutes to the south to reach the most south European point the Isla the Tarifa.