A (kind of) Sacher in Sicily. Tasted delicious 🙂

Excavation or trash can?

The view up shows… but it works 😉

… works too. Should be about 50 years old.

I could see it from far away so I must see 😉

Basilica with excavation of a Demeter sanctuary.

Basilica Madonna delle Lacrime.

Church of pilgrimage built up to 1994. Inside the figure of the weeping Madonna. In 1953 the figure weeped. The chemical analysis showed that it was a tear liquid. The deathly ill person recovered. There were additional healings so ill and believers cam to Syracuse.

Basilica inside.

Inside up

In the center of the church was a point on the floor. I layed my mobile onto this point.

Cliff jumping

In the afternoon I was at Arenella with the bus and two pretty nice young girls. We found a wonderful little privat harbor about 20 by 10 meters with some 4 meter cliffs. 

Eva I met at breakfast in the hotel. She is a Spain born girl living since years at Berlin. Because of her philosophy studies we had a lot to discuss. Additionally I enjoyed talking mother tongue. 

Romy we met at the bus station. A German IT expert. 

Both of the girls took a 4-meter-header. I did a header only from 1 meter 😉 

I jumped a lot and enjoyed. 


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