Today was sightseeing Gibraltar on the schedule.

I have totally underestimated how large the island or peninsula is. 6,5 square kilometers but only 1,2 km wide so around 5 km long. I walked up to the summit (426 m). I never arrived because the last 500 meters to go were closed. Nevertheless I was on a height of 400 meters. Instead of summit I took the Mediterranean way on the east side steeply down and to the south. From there I walked on the west side in the height of around 200 m to the north to visit the Great siege and WW2 tunnels (in total 34 miles!) and the Moorish castle. Finally I walked about 20 kilometers and my lower legs hurt.

But it started with a mechanical problem at the cable car. I have bought the ticket up (14 Gibraltar pounds) and for walking down the walking ticket (5 GibP) and stood in the queue for boarding. After half an hour the officer told us that the cable car has broken down and it would be better to give the ticket back and get the money. So I started walking 😉

Morning sun.
Very British 😉
Parking block and on top two stories for living. Space is the bottleneck here.
Every full hour: mounting of the guard.
Although British the traffic is on the right so you have to look to the left before crossing 😉
Well, GB stands for Great Britain. GBG was given to Guernsey so Gibraltar got the Z.
Department for Climate change sounds like FridaysForFuture 😉
Half an hour later it broke down.
1 Gibraltar pound equal to 1,12 Euro.
Slow Brexit 😉
The Gibraltar bay with Algeciraz on the opposite side.
Nice rhyme.
The Barbary ape or Barbary macaque.
The young had just hided away behind her mother. Only a bit of its butt is to see.
Miss Gibraltar with a windy hairstyle 😉
Nearly on the summit. View northwards on the east side of the island.
And to the south.
Walking down the steep Mediterranean way.
What a wonderful view the Neandertals had about 24.000 before. In the Gorham cave at Gibraltar they survived the Homo sapiens sapiens as long as nowhere else according to Wikipedia.
190 meters above sea level. The name is because in the 19th century the caves were used by goatherds. But also used by man: English Wikipedia gives this information: … a female human skeleton with a crushed skull… Were found.
View to the Europa point Trinity Lighthouse on the south end of the island or peninsula.
Another nice view over the Gibraltar bay. Maybe you have asked yourself why there are so many vessels. Wikipedia tells that in 2005 6.662 large ships arrived thereof 90 % only for refueling.
At Princess Caroline’s Battery.
Unique at Gibraltar. Runway and street crossing. During take of and touch down the lights turn to red the barriers go down and the nailbeds are enrolled. But the time I am here wasn’t much air traffic.
A part of WW2 tunnel.
At the end of the tunnel dolls show the position of the Royal army.
Entrance to the Moorish castle.
View over the rooftop of the Moorish castle to Africa a 20 km away. Also there the exclave an part of Europe the city of Ceuta.
Nostalgic 🙂
Pedestrian zone.
Cathedral of Saint Mary the Crowed.