I did it! And I am so glad to know Costa del Sol behind me!

From my hotel room on the 5th floor I see the Rock of Gibraltar and Africa.

The last kilometers to Gibraltar – to be correct: La Linea de Concepción, the Spanish city with the border to Gibraltar – were so easy cycling, asphalted roads, less traffic, sometimes even bike path and no winds I enjoyed it very much after the obstacles since Malaga.

But it started badly 😉

Today I tested LocusMap’s navigation systems and ended after a few kilometers in the pathlessness. See the pictures below.

But on top of the climbed hill I had a good view over A7 and lo and behold: tow race cyclists on A7!!

So I carried my bag down the hill put it onto the bike and walked back to the road and drove to the highway. Fortunately in this moment another racer passed me at the freeway entrance ramp. I hurried up and followed him. In the beginning I felt a bit wrong there but the more I drove the braver I became. Of course I took the next exit but came back soon and drove to the exit I had to reach today.

The A7 is a kind of updated N340 with lots of exits and also roundabouts. So there are even traffic jams.

Yesterday I red online there are special rules for this sort of highway. One of it is that you can drive it by bike if there is no alternative road to cycle.

Finally I drove about 10 kilometers.

Then the climb of 200 meters started to the interior of Costa del Sol. Finally I was on a dirt road with steep climbs and downhills. Upwards I often had to step off and walk.

It was a wonderful landscape there and nearly nobody there. Demanding but amazing too.

And with LocusMap (not the navigation ;-)) I always knew where I was!!

Doesn’t look but actually was 😉
On top of the hill. See the bicycle over there. As I saw the cyclists on A7 I turned immediately.
View from today’s summit to the sea. Here to see AP7, the real highway.
Only 2 of 15 turned.
View westwards.
And southbound.
Canada 😉 – – correct: Ca~nada – – pronounced: canjada.
Suddenly: many storks.
Cute! Also storks are living one upon the other 😉
PV in the area of a refinery.
66.000 panels. 12,3 MW. One household with 4 persons and hot water needs about 5.000 kwh/year = 0,5 MW. Means 25 households can be provided.
View to the left.
View to the right. Same time same place.
The Rock of Gibraltar.