Final trip

The final tour from Catania to Syracuse became the longest with 85 km. 

The receptionist warned me about the crazy traffic in Catania 😉 but it was as easy as normally. 

Soon I was on the fast road with its two lanes and the traffic became less and less. 

At the beginning I made good progress. Fortunately tailwinds let me fly 😉 

It was pretty hot so I had to hold the bike carefully because the sweat ran down the lower arms so the hugs were wet and slippery. 

After about two hours the weather changed to overcast. The cellphone brought minimum every hour a warning of thunderstorm. And I could hear the thunder all the time. 

Also the wind changed from tail to head. That was a nice cooling on the one hand but the pedaling got harder. 

I decided to go to Augusta because of the nice name and because of the pretty nice peninsula. I expected some nice places and restaurants and bars. 

But there was absolutely nothing. Augusta is a great harbor with military and industry and later I came along a huge refinery with its strange smell of bitumen. 

I was pedaling all the time and even didn’t get an espresso. 

Only at the fifth gasoil station I’ve got a piece of pizza and the obligatory coffee 😉 

And the end of the tour I had a nice bike path. My Locus Map showed this bike path. Wow this app is really fantastic. 

Well, to find the entrance to the bike path was crazy. I had even had to dismount and walk. 

Then I was on this first class bike path named „Rossana Maiorca“ with a length of about 6 km. 

As mentioned it was pretty cloudy and seemed to rain any moment. 

But today I was the lucky one: exactly in the moment I stopped the bicycle in front of the hotel it started to rain 😉 

Where is the road? Oleander left white right rose. Fortunately on this road is only few traffic so I could drive in the middle of the right lane.

Already on the bike path with a view on some cargo vessel.

And the view onto the bike path.

Path hewn in stone fully electrified 😉

View back to to the harbor of Augusta and the refinery. Also to see the weather situation.

Nice jumping cliff along the bike path.

The first view on Syracuse is disillusioning.

The second one much better 😉

Today’s 85-km-tour from Catania to Syracuse.

And the whole tour with 2.745 only bike km.


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