Today I tried komot a cycle app and was impressed by the ways it proposed.

At the beginning I looked onto LocusMap to because I didn’t trust komot. But as it showed a path (dirt road) I never had gone with LocusMap I trusted and followed the navigation.

My confidence was shaked as I drove through the area of a garden company had a steep climb at the end and arrived at a locked door 😉

50 meters south of the garden company there was a possible but also dirt track and steep route.

Yesterday I had a wonderful tiny little parc for my lunch break but 50 meters next to the highway but above it.

Today’s lunch break I had under the highway. I slept under the bridge 😉 a special feeling 😉 The shade was fantastic.

I arrived at Estepona and asked at the bus terminal to go with the bus to Gibraltar. It’s a trip of 1 hour.

The staff did not speak English and had a question to me I didn’t understand. Finally she said it is not possible. Well, nothing else was to expect by an official 😉

Outside the bus office I saw a sign TAXI so I went over and asked one of the cell phone gaming or smoking drivers. He told me it will be possible for 60 to 70 Euros. To much 😉

Wow, komot navigated me through this path.
Another dirt road by komot.
One more 😉
After a 400 meters dirt road through the garden company and a steep climb I had to turn 😉 I closed komot 😉
Up and down. Hill and valley 😉
One of the tourism ruins. Didn’t they pay the Camorra?
Marbella to Estepona 36 km and 7 hours. Bee-line 25 km. GT 3.510 km.
View from my hotel room.