Great decision – simply done

From Taormina I had a cool downhill 🙂 

At Riposto I had to decide whether to go to mount Etna what was the general option. So I had bought a mask to avoid the vulcano dust to enter my lungs. 

But on a parc bench the decision was easy cause the weather forecast showed thunderstorm and rain every day for the next seven days and the Etna I saw was pretty cloudy. 

So I targeted Catania today and Syracuse tomorrow. 

Later, sitting in a bar enjoying an espresso there was a pier and I saw few people swimming and using a shower that was hidden under a little tree. 

So I enjoyed a swim and the shower 🙂 

After another 10 km at a roundabout I met two LDC (LongDistanceCiclysts) 🙂 they were on a 14-day-tour from Brindisi to Catania and will fly back tomorrow. 

I have seen them yesterday afternoon at Taormina but didn’t talk to them. 

They were „analog“ guys with a hard copy map. So I felt quite proud of my digital tools 😉 

But they used the same system with booking.com and told for the first time they had a Bad & breakfast last night 😉 

Was nice to talk to these colleagues. 

I heard the rolling thunder all the time and after a while I had to use my rain clothes for nearly 10 km. From the rain there is a special scent in the air 🙂 

Dry after 5 km. 

Catania with its 313.000 inhabitants is Sicily’s second largest city after Palermo (673.000).

As the receptionist checked that I must have a bike he hurried me up to bring it into the hall immediately because it’s very dangerous. Now it is securely stored in the cellar. The hotel is only 40 today but really comfortable, the receptionist, an Afro-Italian, is friendly, helpful, solves any problems and has a smile on his face – Bobby Mc Ferrin – don’t worry be happy 😉 

Last view back to Taormina.

View back after a 100-meters-climb to Acireale.

Today’s tour from Taormina to Catania. 54 km.

A road in the beginning pedestrian zone.

Piazza Bellini after Vincenzo Bellini a famous composer.

The entrance to a street next to Bellini building.

One main road.

Piazza Duomo the main square. With Fontane dell’Elefante in the center. The elefant Catania has in its coat of arms.

Piazza Duomo to west north.

North East with the beginning Via Etna, 3 km long and absolutely straight.

And the Cattedrale di Sant’Agata. Holy Agatha of Catania lived in the 3. Century.

Inside the cathedral. The front part.

And the backside with the organ. I did a little meditation in the cathedral and was interrupted by the play of the organ. Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy was the first piece. So I listened for a while.

A new Form of Pizza here at Catania. So called Ripieni. That means filled. It is a normal pizza covered with another pizza base. It was so much I couldn’t eat it all cause I was full 😉


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