Today’s tour was quite stupid. The road N340 is combined with and to A7 a highway. And even a highway without shoulder and without breakdown lane. So I was afraid of using the highway for 500 meters or 1 km.

Sometimes I couldn’t bridge a few hundred meters and had to take a detour of some kilometers.

It was arduous to find and follow the way. I had to look on the following few hundreds of meters and the following crossways but also an eye on the big picture.

Today I can add a special obstacle to the one for cyclists I have mentioned before (highway, railway, river) golf range.

Today I faced the beach in the south, the A7 – highway next to the beach and more northwards the AP7 – highway. And from east to west some riverbeds and golf ranges. A tricky mixture 😉

Bee line is 21 km but I drove 41. And total climbs of 1.000 meters if LocusMap is correct.

Pretty nice beach.
Looks crazy the skyscraper behind the tiny little houses with the wonderful umbrella pines. Maybe the Camorra build the skyscraper to launder money.
So steep than this sign 🙁 don’t worry trust in LocusMap. I suppose the golfers did it to keep people away 😉
One turn and landscape went green 😉
… even a pool. As I always say: what else you can get with a handful of money.
Every climb is rewarded 😉
I followed the Google maps navigation and at this point was interested where it will end up 😉
LOL 😉 firstly I closed Google.Maps and than I turned to find a better way.
But about one hour later I walked the bike through the sandy beach – terribly exhausting.
An other world. Green, neat and clean. Districts from rich people with a security at the border. In this area 25 % are foreigners from UK, Ireland, Sweden, Netherlands and Germany.
The luxury lovers 😉
The highest climb for today 200 meters.
The benefit for the climb. The tourist industry grows binary.
Ready for the last downhill.
Nice Marbella downtown.
A street chapel.
From Fuengirola to Marbella 41 km. GT 3.474 km.
On my way to Pizzeria Sergio (Google.Maps) I fell into this hummus restaurant. Sooo delicious 🙂