It was a bit difficult to leave the city because it is large.

I am a bit confused about the terms used for the roads. Today I used MA 21. I wasn’t sure I am allowed. There were three road signs showing pedestrian, traktors and horses aren’t allowed to use. But the fourth prohibition, the bicycle wasn’t there so I drove feeling a bit uncomfortably. There was a comfortable shoulder so I felt better.

The grew. Four lanes. This is so loud and busy. Nothing to enjoy. Asap I drove off.

There was a footbridge – also for buggies and bicycles – and I crossed the road. On top of the footbridge I saw a campsite next to the road. 8 lanes at all. Additionally the airport in a distance of not more than 1 km. Every five minutes one take off. Horribly!

Cliff coast is pretty nice and remember me to think of Costa Brava. But here is bad because normally there are only two roads, the highway and the N340 with lots of traffic.

I feel a bit sick today so I decided to stop at Fuengirola instead of going to Marbella.

After buying the lunch food I’m always on the lookout for trees and hope to find a parc. Today I found a large parc on the map. Disadvantage: a short but incredibly steep climb. But it was absolutely worth it.

A wonderful parc with – believe it or not – lots of different chickens 🙂

And a bench under a shady tree. And after the nap a bar with comfortable lounge chairs under shady trees with chickens 😉 I spent more than an hour there.

The coastline here is called Costa Nostra – according to Wikipedia. Costa del Sol. Cosa Nostra. Yes, the Camorra is / was here. That remembers me to think of Castell Volturno close to Naples on my Sicily trip last year 🙁

But here everything looks clean and neat 😉

On Wikipedia I’ve just red that together with Marbella Fuengirola is the village with highest criminality in the Costa Nostra 😉

Costa Nostra 😉
Immediately I unterstood: the English plumbers went to the Costa del Sol because of sun and sea and lots of free time. So the Polish plumbers went to UK and the British people with an IQ like Boris Johnson were voting for Brexit 😉
38 km from Malaga to Fuengirola in 7 hours. GT 3.433 km.