A cozy trip

I’ve slept 9 hours and got up at a quarter past eight and got breakfast at half past eight. 

My host prepared the obligatory sweet Italian breakfast but she offered me eggs to bring that I can prepare at my own. 

The table and a simple kitchen were outside. 

Then she came with 3 eggs and told me they are really fresh cause from her uncle. She offered olive oil to fry the eggs but I took a piece of butter for the tiny little table fridge and cooked delicious scrambled eggs. 

At half past ten I started pedaling. 

Piano Torre was the name of my point of view. It shows the beach where my B&B was located.

This pigeon seems to like pine trees like I do 🙂

While I enjoyed the view of the sea this „young“ (nearly my age 😉 guy came along. I raised my hand for greeting him as I have learned from other bikers 😉 his dressing was crazy. Especially this black shield on his back. I thought he is doing that for a survival training or he was on a suicide mission.

Ups 😉 as we say: constant dripping wears the bike path 😉

The strait of Messina. On the other side the city Villa San Giovanni. And also to see the clouded mountains of Aspromonte.

Impressive! As I saw this cruise ship also on some pictures on Google maps I thought it stays here for a longer time or is even out of work? Well, Matteo Salvini could send it to Lampedusa or even directly to Libya 😉

On Wikipedia you can find the MSC SEAVIEW. Built 2017. 5.300 passengers. Malta-flagged. 700.000.000 Euro. Baptized by Sophia Loren. Waterfront boardwalk. A superlative cruise ship.

Messina cathedral with MSC SEAVIEW in the background 😉

This 48 meters high bell tower next to the cathedral is 22 meters less high than MSC SEAVIEW 😉

Today’s 33 km tour.

Cathedral of Messina. I sat there for a little meditation. But a mass was ongoing and I listened to it. It was hold in the left apse. What are these huge buildings made for. House of God. Lord’s house. Or is it more in meaning of the house of prayers? Very impressive, really wonderful was the singing of the priest. He had a great voice. It filled the Lord’s house. That was absolutely fantastic. An hour later I was at the Franz of Assisi Church and by accident there was also a mass ongoing but the priest did not sing. In Italy at the end the priest leaves the church by singing Ave Maria. In the cathedral with the singing priest it was really impressive.

The cathedral’s main entrance. Maria Santissima Assunta. Means the cathedral is consecrated to the holy Mary that ascent into heaven.


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