64-21.07.-Su-Almuñécar – Malaga

Today was a bit boring. Nearly almost the whole way was N340.

But it started with an absolute challenge. After a few kilometers along the beach a rock caused a 100 meters climb. But very steep. I estimate there were up to 20 %. I drove vom left to right all the time to reduce steepness. It was arduous.

Malaga with it’s 900.000 inhabitants Spain’s sixth largest town and one of Spain’s most important vacation destination. With one of Spain’s largest airports. It is part of the Costa del Sol.

The climate is warm in summer and mild in winter.

Malaga also knows Föhn, called Terral from the north. Terral rises the temperature by about 10 degrees.

Very many „foreign“ Europeans have their residence here. While eating at Malaga two groups of people were next to talking English.

The view from the hill to Almuñécar.
Nice beach on the feet of the cliffs.
Iglesia del Sagrado Corazon at Malaga.
Plaza de la Constitution.
The bell tower of the Malaga cathedral. Called „The One-armed Lady“ because there wasn’t enough money to build the planned second tower. With the tower’s height of 84 the church is Spain’s second highest church.
From the north side.
And the bishops seat neighboring the cathedral.
From Almuñécar to Malaga in about 7,5 hours with 79 km. GT 3.395 km.