Short night

After a very short night I arrived at the harbor at 05:45.

One bar was open so I got a Cornetto with chocolate and a delicious Cappuccino. 

Then I saw the ferry boat to come in. Siremar is the company that service the Aeolen Islands. 

4 lorries and 3 Ape went on board and of course 1 bicycle 🙂 

Ape? You know Vespa! Vespa has two wheels and Ape three. Both products of Piaggio. 

Vespa means wasp and Ape means bee. 

On these tiny little island Ape is the only means of transport. 

Well, at 1 pm we should arrive at Milazzio, Sicily. 

The clouds are gone and maybe you can find the moon.

And the sun comes up.

Ferry boat to arrive.

My ferry boat ticket.


Arrived at Milazzo.

Next to Milazzo.

The B&B for this night. Nobody at home except me and some tiger mosquitoes.

With the ferry boat from Stromboli to the other Aeolen Islands and to Milazzo. And with the bicycle to San Saba where I have found a nice B&B. Meanwhile the host appeared and I took a refreshing swim on the privat beach in front of the house 🙂


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