63-20.07-Sa-Mulhacen – Almuñécar

The night started hot. But in the morning it was really cold. I was dressed with t-shirt, fleece and primaloft jacket. Only the feet were a bit cold.

I have set the alarm on 8 and got up at this time.

I went up to lake Caldera and enjoyed the absolute silence but after 5 minutes a group of hikers arrived. They filled their water bottles with water from the lake. I would never do. But, I believe they would use tablets to make the water safe.

After drying and packing I started at about 10.

3.000 meters downhill, unbelievable.

The single trail was the same than yesterday and demanding.

I trusted in my bicycle and drove quite fast. There was one stone in the middle of the trail, I saw it but couldn’t avoid the blow. Within seconds the air was away and I stopped immediately.

The tube was destroyed so I replaced it.

There were crowds of mountain biker coming up in groups of 10 to 20. All of them dressed the same. It looked like a race.

The single trail moved to a dirt track. Then it was time to take breakfast: cheese with breakfast I had bought on Thursday at Granada 😉

In an altitude of about 1.700 the asphalted road started and I was really glad and enjoyed the high-speed with lots of turns and less traffic.

It got warmer and warmer.

Along the road were so many fountains and creeks that I felt like to be at home.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a room I had to go to Almuñécar.

Lake Caldera.
Next to my campsite. Only few water.
I was going to fast with to high pressure in the rear wheel and crashed a cultrate stone.
On a height of about 2.300 I found this source with fantastic fresh water. Betimes as my bottles were already empty.
A shepherd with his flock.
View into the valley. On the right to see the reservoir.
Capileira. I enjoyed the downhill on the asphalted road.
I joined the first bar at capileira to get a beer. Also I got the obligatory tapas (for free of course). A slice of bread, a Spanish omelet (eggs, potatoes, herbs) and olives.
So much green here and along the road fountains, creeks every few hundred meters.
Many Olive trees.
Now I have changed over the bridge to the other side of the valley.
Here the reservoir again filled by Rio Guadalfeo from Sierra Nevada.
Looks like a PV power plant.
Embalse de Rules – reservoir.
Thumbs up 🙂 after water and solar also wind is used for electricity 🙂
Through the gorge to the Mediterranean.
Up to 300 meters high rocks.
The gorge made a wind funnel – of course headwinds 😉
The typical white houses at Salbo Rena.
From the foot of Mulhacén on 3.000 do Almuñécar on 0 a wonderful journey from a land without people to a land with so many people. From about 10 to 33 degrees. 92 km and 8,5 hours. GT 3.316 km.