Riding the vulcano

Today I want to climb the Stromboli vulcano. 

The guided tour starts at 6 pm and will end at midnight. 

I’ve already rented hiking boots and have got socks without the foot parts so they look a bit like leg warmers 😉 I have to scroll them down over the boots so the fine black sand is avoided to fill the boots. I hope that works. My gaiters – are at home – would be helpful 😉 

Also I had to rent a headlamp.

And of course a kind of a vulcano light dinner – cheese, olives and bread 😉 

Ingrid Bergmann place (one side). She had the leading role „Karin“ in the film „Stromboli“.

And the sea side with the little grandpa of Stromboli vulcano.

Today’s challenge – 918 m

An Aeolen salad and a glass of the famous local Malvasia del Lipari. After harvesting the grapes are dried for about 14 days. Tastes fine 😉

The vulcano hike has started. View back to Stromboli-City with the grandpa vulcano.

A bit cloudy. 35 people were in the group.

View back from about 500 meters in altitude.

And nearly on top. On top it was cloudy all the time so we couldn’t see the village or the sea. But sometimes we could see the moon 😉

The way up is the upper one. Quite easy but a bit exhausting because of the powder sand. On top we waited at the both shelters while the four other groups walked along the vulcano and down again. Because of the clouds we saw nothing but heard the thunder of the vulcano. Every 20 minutes we heard one eruption. Passing the edge of the crater we smelled the sulfur very heavy so most of us began to caugh. The way down was easy to go because about 750 meters in these powder sand. Fortunately we got dust masks from the guides on the summit. With the head lamps on you could see thick clouds of dust. Sometimes we walked through a kind of channel with about one meter high walls on both sides. On the on hand the skin was wet from sweating so the dust covered the skin.


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