After a hearty breakfast I started at about half past ten. I wasn’t in a hurry because I knew there are less kilometers to the summit. Also I didn’t had to arrive at a certain time and place.

After the climb of 1.600 meters yesterday I felt a bit weak today. So I enjoyed a little break after about one hour cycling at a kiosk. I trunk a beer and ate some delicious olives. I also bought a bottle of water so I had 4,5 liters with me.
At about 2 pm I arrived at the summit of Pico del Veleta (3.396) took a little lunch break and drove down to the junction on about 3.200 meters to use the mountain bike track to Pico Mulhacén and today’s camping place.

It was a dirt track or better a single trail and I again was surprised how robust the bicycle is.

At the foot of Mulhacén I saw a bit below the path a plane place with even a circle of stones about 50 cm high to give protection against the wind. The circles diameter is about 3 meters ideally for my tent.

I arrived at half past four inflated the mattress and took a rest. Quite soon clouds covered the sky and I was a bit concerned because I fear thunderstorms. Most of the clouds arrived from the south, the seaside and went to the north were they met to the dry air and dissolved. Hopefully this will continue until I leave tomorrow morning after making the Mulhacén.

Some pretty nice mountain goats came along. Even two youngs.

Because I felt tired I want to do the summit tomorrow morning. But at about seven I decided to go and made the 500 meters in an hour and arrived at the summit at eight.

After being back I had dinner. The second 200 grams of cheese and bread that I had bought Thursday morning in Granada.

I enjoyed the perfect silence very much.

And, fortunately the clouds had dissolved more or less.

Here it is: Pico del Veleta.
View over Pradollano to Granada.
Little by little.
Coming closer…..
….. and closer.
Here I deposited the main luggage to have it easier on the last 200 meters up.
The first mountain goat.
The summit. This is not me 😉 but this guy didn’t move 🙁
After picking up the luggage I got here at the beginning of GR 411 shown in my map. A single trail.
The veleta from the south with a snow field.
It starts with a demanding downhill.
An overview of the path. In the background to see the last corner to today’s campsite. And of course Pico del Mulhacén.
Heavy trail and Mulhacén.
Although on the pictures to see only lots of stones there are sweet flowers.
Will that be my campsite?
Yes! Thx to the people who prepared the shelter.
From my mattress I watched this mountain goat.
The single trail.
After a break and a nap I made the summit. One hour for the climb of 500 meters.
Pico veleta towards the evening sun. Also to see lake Caldera.
Two male mountain goats.
Looks a bit like edelweiss.
From Pradollano to Pico Veleta and along to Pico del Mulhacén it was 28 kilometers and 6 hours. GT 3.224 km.
1.200 meters climb by bike and 500 hiking.