Stromboli spontaneously

I was a bit confuse where to go next. 

On the one hand I would like to make km to arrive at Sicily. On the other hand I had the idea to climb Montalto di Aspramonte (1.956) and go from there directly to Reggio Calabria. 

But today I felt to need a pause. 

Yesterday a new idea came to my mind: to go to Stromboli by ferry boat and then pass directly on to Sicily. By this way I would save some km and a climb of about 500 meters. 

After 24 km pedaling I arrived at Tropea. I went directly to the harbor to ask whether I could get a boat. Fortunately I found a traveling agent that offered today „Stromboli by night“ and carried me and my bike and I could visit Panarea too because this was their first stop. 

The Aeolian Islands and the the sea surrounding them are really fantastic. So many different forms of rocks, many rocky islands, a sea that is not that deep so you can see many different colors. Tiny little villages with a special architecture. And myriads of photo scenes. 

Tropea from its harbor.

Tropea from the ship.

And another scene.

Our aim Stromboli about 60 km from the continent.

Panarea with the so called finger to see.

The finger again.

View from San Pietro – the main village on Panarea – to Stromboli.

San Pietro

Leafing San Pietro for an extra trip around the island. The island Panarea is 3,4 square km large and about 250 people are living there. The island gets its water by desalination and rain.

Wonderful places on Panarea’s west coast.

And on the east coast.

And especially in the north east with sulfur-containing water. People like to take a bath there. We could smell the sulfur.

Healing sulfur baths.

At San Pietro.

Hibiscus flowers

On the way to Stromboli this is the little and uninhibited island Basiluzzo.

Basiluzzo again

The finger again trough the both parts of Basiluzzo.

Today’s route.


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