SS18 – Tirenna Inferiore

Well, the cheap price of the night at the Grand Hotel has it’s price 😉 

I had got the room that nobody can like. Second floor so in the same height like the railway fast tracks. And with the window to the pool area that is the disco too. Not more than 10 people mainly kids are „in action“ 😉 it’s terribly loud. 

After closing the window and the shutter I felt asleep soon 😉 

The breakfast was fine so I ate a lot and started to pedal. 

Yesterday’s part of SS18 was wide with 1 meter for me along the right lane. So I could go without fear of getting killed 😉 

But today the Strada Statale was pretty narrow. And there was no alternative. So I tried to drive on the withe line and tried to hear what happens behind me… 

On a little rest place a limousine stopped behind me and the driver came to me asking whether I’m Italian. After my no he asked where I am coming from. Hearing me to say I am from Austria he shaked my hand and said „complimente“ 🙂 

That’s great, isn’t it? 

First for the last 15 km I could change to a less frequented road. 

To find the B&B was a bit crazy cause I called the host but she didn’t answer the call. A few minutes later she wrote by whatsapp and so I called her via WhatsApp but again she didn’t answer. But she gave me detailed instructions so I found it. 

Suddenly it was green but only for about one km.

Again these myriads of different greens and blues.


Pizzo overview.

Pizzo downtown 😉 here I enjoyed a delicious icecream 🙂

Tiny little taxis.

Same like at Ischia. Pizzo has also extremely narrow and steep roads.

At the end of this bay is Bivona and the B&B for this night.

Today I made 64 km from Amantea to Binova next to Pizzo. So I got no Pizza at Pizzo 😉


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