Another day in Granada. I got up late took breakfast and walked to a mailbox service to send the hiking boots, the jeans, the large bathtowel and the travel guide home.

On the way there I looked out for a hairdresser and actually found soon with the boss and two employees inside but no clients. My turn.

I asked for a machine haircut and got the question number 1 or 2. I didn’t understand but he showed me his hairs and I chose number 2 what means that the hair was cut to about 7 mm.

The balance at the parcel shop showed 5 kg! That will help me to climb the mountains tomorrow 🙂

Then I walked to Albaicín the former Moorish residential neighborhood vis-a-vis Alhambra on the next hill. It was declared a World Heritage Site in 1984, along with the Alhambra.

It is the oldest quarter of Granada. It retained the narrow winding streets of its medieval Moorish past. The houses are pretty nice and inhabited and well refurbished. You find nice little souvenir shops, bars and restaurants. Everything looks neat and clean.

I took a break at a restaurant on top at San Nicolas and got a large Tapa that looked and tasted like paella.

Later I went down to meet a friend I made the day before and we had some beers and tapas and went for a coffee and a chocolate chip cookie to Starbucks 😉 and decided to attend a flamenco performance this evening at half past nine.

Before we had dinner at a maroccan restaurant and again an icream at the Italian heladería. Really delicious.

The bus shuttle to Sacramento was included.

This evening I had two debuts. To see a flamenco and to drink Sangria 🙂 And I became a fan of both.

The performance was shown in a cave where the former gypsy traditionally lived on the Sacramento hill.

Wow, the music, the dances and the singing got immediately under my skin and into my legs. I enjoyed it very much. Most impressed I was by the male performance full of power and passion.

The sangria is a bit dangerous for me because I drink it like juice 😉 Fortunately I didn’t get tipsy.

Number 2 haircut 😉
View to the Alhambra from Albaicín.
The narrow winding streets.
I spent another 5 Euros to enter the cathedral for meditation 🙂