Along the coast

Today I have got a typical Italian breakfast. Four different cakes even a green one and one Cornetto – so they call croissants here.

After eating all these candy I felt like a candy cane 

Today I felt much stronger and had an easy but a bit boring tour mostly SS18 called Tirrena Inferiore. There was only few traffic and the road is wide enough and fortunately fresh asphalted.

As I asked booking.com for an accommodation I wanted to go another 20 km. But there was a four star grand hotel with own beach, umbrella and a sun lounger and breakfast for 39 Euro. Here was a 56-%-price reduction.

So I drover the final 5 km and will enjoy this comfort.

Here I enjoyed my lunch break and took a refreshing swim.

Today’s 53-km-tour from Cetraro to Amantea.

The Grand Hotel of course has its own beach with these nice loungers 😉 (I never laid on such thing). And, of course too, all of them are numbered. I couldn’t see the number but I had to change my lounge because I occupied the wrong one 😉


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