Lack of power

Today I had no breakfast included so I started without. 

I like that because then I can look for a nice bar and enjoy the Cappuccini. 

Soon I realized that I am totally weak. So I stopped very often and enjoyed the nice views to the sea. 

At a Casificio (cheeses hop) I stopped and bought a piece of goat cheese and some bread. 

At 12 I made a rest with view onto the sea ate the cheese and listen Austrian news. The cheese was delicious. 

Then I choose a B&B next the beach with huge stones too so I could swim immediately after arriving. 

Also I could clean my drinking bottles with the sand of the beach. 

This will be today’s beach.

Today’s tour from Scalea to Cetraro. 32 km.

The whole tour by today.

Sunset – view from the window of my apartment


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