58-15.07.-Mo-Almería – Granada

At 1 pm I boarded the bus to Granada. Everything worked well.

In the morning I went for a haircut but one Monday the hairdresser doesn’t work 😉

So I went to the bicycle shop and bought a repair kit, a tube and an outer tire.

Back at the hotel I changed the tire and went to the bus station.

The concierge here at Granada told me I should have bought a ticket to visit Alhambra two weeks ago. But I should surf maybe!?

There are different sites on internet offering tickets but this are not the official provider and have no Impressum.

Via Wikipedia I linked to the official site and got a much cheaper ticket for tomorrow – 15 Euro. But I had to change my personal data. Now I’m a Spanish citizen living at Granada (hotel address) and the ID number of the concierge 😉

I hope I will not be imprisoned.

On the way here I saw a wind farm with around 200 wind mills.

The temperature increased from 25 at Almería to 33 at Granada.

A part of the wind farm.
For the 170 km from Almería to Granada the bus drove 3 hours. Sometimes highway sometimes along villages.