3 regions

My landlady prepared a delicious breakfast with eggs (sunny side up), cheese, butter and coffee. 

I enjoyed it sitting under a huge olive tree surrounded by orange and lemon trees. 

Today’s trip started in Campania. Then I passed Basilicata that has only a few kilometers parts of the coast but a beautiful one. And now I’m in the region of Calabria the last region on the continent before I go to Sicily. 

There was some climbs and downhill today. But entertaining because of the varied landscape. 

In the endspurt I got a little shower. But the wet clothes dry within few minutes 😉 

A view back from the opposite side of the bay. On the right side of Monte Bulgheria I came yesterday.

Many enchanting bays on my way today.

Another one.

Also pretty nice.

Not Costiera Amalfitana but also wonderful.

I saw this beach on my map. The disadvantage was that I had to go down about 100 meters in altitude. I did it to take a rest and a cooling.

Citro bay 🙂 a wonderful cooling 🙂 unfortunately the pretty nice restaurant above with a breathtaking view on the meditarian sea was closed. I’ve got only a coffee and water. But it was wonderful sitting there for a moment or two.

And a sandy beach bay.

An intense color.

Today’s tour from Policastro to Scalea. 68 km.


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