Today was a basic an infrastructure day. First I did the laundry. And for the first time I used the dryer too. That’s really very convenient. The T-shirt were even moist but all these synthetic clothes were dry.

Doing that shows how helpful the smartphone is. Finding a laundry I use Google.Maps asking for the reviews and how far away.

And Google.Maps navigates me there.

Standing in front of the of the washing machine and the instructions dict.cc DE/ES is very helpful.

After that I took a long rest.

Then I wanted to enjoy a Sacher with cream and a Cappuccino. Google.Maps directed me to Café Colon. Well, the result wasn’t the expected. The Colon offered icecream and a Tiramisu what I took.

Meanwhile Wikipedia told me to see the cathedral and Google.Maps navigated.

Church for free! Not in Andalusia 😉 5 € was the entrance fee. I talked to the staff and told her that in Austria as well as in Catalonia the doors of churches are open. In Andalusia churches are open only for the mass.

The five Euro was worth it. A pretty nice cathedral and good information via audio guide. On one of the many altars stood a bunch of flowers consisting mainly of lilies. I took place in front of it for meditation and enjoyed the wonderful scent of the flowers.

Later I went to the railway station also bus station to get a ticket for tomorrow to go to Granada.

The information talked a little English. The counter for the railway was temporarily closed and to answer the question whether the bus will transport my bicycle I had to go to counter 5. It stood in the queue expecting the staff doesn’t speak English or isn’t willing to speak English because of their status as an officer.

So I prepared myself by dict.cc. And it worked! Okay, I and all the queue behind me had to wait 15 minutes because the officer (female) started to talk to a colleague, started to count coins and notes on a huge machine and last not least took some bills to enter data into the computer.

Also in such situations the smartphone can be helpful to reduce anger 😉 if you want you are able to see my review on Google.Maps 😉

And then of course a pizza from Google.Maps 😉 I decided for a location at the beach promenade with 4,6 review points.

And during the waiting and eating I looked to the ferry speed boat coming along to the port and asked the waiter whether it is the ferry from Melilla. Yes, it was.

I know somewhat about Melilla and got further information by Wikipedia.

Obviously the cathedral (catedral de la Encarnacion) is a fortress church. Built in the 16th century it was often attacked by the Berber so they had to defend themselves and the church.
The cloister.
The smelling altar 🙂
The main altar.
Saint Mary.
Choir stalls and organ.
The cloister again.
Only 25 degrees and windy.
Many movies were produced at Almería. Especially western because of the desert like landscape surrounding the city. Primarily the classic Italowestern by director Sergio Leone like Once upon a time in the west (Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod) or A fistful of dollars (Für eine Handvoll Dollar).